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Which Watcho Shows are High on Action and Adventure?

The Watcho app is one of the best OTT apps in Indian for the fans and enthusiasts of action-thriller web shows. All those who wish to enjoy a great time from the comfort of their home can give the Watcho app a try. There are several action and suspense-thriller shows that the viewers can tune into after downloading Watcho on their smartphones.

Here is an example: ‘4 Thieves’ is one of the best suspense-thriller shows on the Watcho app that will be loved and enjoyed by viewers across all major age groups. If you are fond of new and interesting web shows, then ‘4 Thieves’ should be there on your watch list without fail. Also, ‘4 Thieves’ is one of the most popular Watcho shows on IMDB with a rating of 8.4/10. So, it goes without saying that this web show in Hindi is worth watching.

Here are some of the top action/adventure shows that can be watched on Watcho right now:

‘Mystery Dad’

This web show in Hindi contains seven (7) episodes as part of season 1. Saadhika Syal plays a young pregnant lady in the show. She happens to be searching for her ‘possible’ husband (the guy who got her pregnant). So, she embarks on an uncertain mission to search for her unborn child’s father. Her sister accompanies her in this mission. All those who wish to watch Saadhika Syal in top form can check ‘Mystery Dad’ out right at this moment. If shows dealing with strong and steadfast female characters are your thing, then do watch this show without wasting time. Also, there are several other web shows in Hindi on Watcho that star Saadhika Syal in a pivotal role. Make it certain to watch them all over the course of the weekend. Also, do leave a rating of the show on IMDB after you have watched it.

‘Mission Breaking News’

‘Mission Breaking News’ is a popular crime-thriller web show on the Watcho app that is incredibly high on adventure and action. A young man decides to avenge her mother’s death after she is bludgeoned to death by a bunch of goons. She is an honest journalist who wishes to uncover a million-dollar mystery. However, she is murdered in cold blood before unearthing the mystery. The first season of ‘Mission Breaking News’ contains 12 episodes. Do watch this show if you have a taste for crime-thriller web shows in Hindi. Also, do not forget to rate the show on IMDB after watching it. This show is tailor-made for all of the younger segments within the audience.

‘The Jail Plan’

‘The Jail Plan’ is a popular female-oriented show that deals with a bunch of strong female characters. Saadhika Syal is the star of ‘The Jail plan’. The first season of the show deals with a ragtag group of female criminals. They are all serving a prison sentence in a specialized prison facility meant for female criminals only. All of these badass women keep their personal grudges aside in order to stage a daring jail break. All those who want to watch an original web show that contains strong female characters can give this show a try right away after downloading the Watcho app.


‘Sarhad’ is a popular show that viewers and Watcho users across all age groups would enjoy watching on their smartphone screens. The first season of ‘Sarhad’ contains seven (7) episodes. If you wish to watch a show that deals with espionage and national security, then ‘Sarhad’ is the perfect pick for you. The Indian security agencies nab a dreaded terrorist along the Line of Control (LoC). When an IB officer starts interrogating him, he realizes that the terrorist’s capture is an integral part of a bigger terrorist conspiracy. Watch this web show in Hindi on the Watcho app. 


‘Jaunpur’ is a riveting crime-thriller show that you can watch on the Watcho app. The show brings to light the story of Babu Bhaiya. He is a dreaded criminal who happens to be serving his time in prison (for the crimes he has committed).  The first season ‘Jaunpur’ is eight (8) episodes long. So, it can be said that this web show will keep the viewers busy for at least a day or two (if not more).

Interestingly, there are several other original pieces of video content for the viewers to check out on the Watcho app. Take this for an example: there is a vast set of original Watcho plays and short films that the viewers can tune into if they have a taste for theatrical productions and/or shorter pieces of content.

The Watcho app is a popular OTT platform that the viewers would enjoy using. It contains some

of the best original web shows for the viewers to check out and enjoy. Plus, there are live TV channels across all major genres and sub-genres that the viewers can try out on their smartphone right away. Download the app now and start a never-ending binge-watching marathon right away.

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