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What Makes SmokeLab Vodka Different From Other Vodka Types?

SmokeLab Vodka is one of the country’s best vodka brands. All those who have a taste for vodka would be well aware of the fact that all vodkas are different. Take this for an example: many vodka types are made using wheat. However, you will also come across vodka types made using rice and/or potatoes. SmokeLab is known to produce vodka using locally-sourced basmati rice.

If you want to enjoy the best vodka in India, then do not forget to check out SmokeLab Vodka, which is one of the most-loved vodka companies in India. It is popular in India for various reasons.  If you are in the mood to taste rice-based vodka, then do try out SmokeLab’s offerings.

Here is how SmokeLab Vodka is Different From Other Vodka Types:

Made Using Rice

While most vodka types are made using wheat and potatoes, SmokeLab Vodka is made using Basmati rice. Rice is what lends SmokeLab vodka its distinct texture. Also, 30 ml of vodka contains just 65 calories, while 30 ml of whiskey contains around 75 calories (approx.). Vodka lovers can either drink it neat or in the form of a cocktail. Enjoy it your way.

Uses 5x Distillation Process

This process uses charcoal filtration to bring the best vodka for all vodka lovers. This process is known to give rise to a strong spirit that tastes awesome. It is strong and it is rich. Water is added to it in order to bring to down to the bottling levels. Also, the good thing about vodka is: it doesn’t make you feel terrible after you’ve had it. Also, you won’t feel the heat after you get in the morning after a night of partying.

Rich Texture

The rich texture of SmokeLab Vodka is one of its striking features. The drinker will be able to figure out the difference between SmokeLAB Vodka and other vodka brands by looking at its texture. It’s rich in its texture and it’s bubbly. You will enjoy drinking it because of its sheer uniqueness. That is exactly why it is one of the best vodka brands in India.

Aniseed Flavour

Aniseed vodka is known for its distinct flavor. Aniseed or ‘saunf’ is one of the most popular Indian herbs. If you are in the mood to taste something different, then SmokeLab’s aniseed vodka is tailor-made for you. Its unique taste will stay with the drinker for a considerable amount of time. Enjoy it over the weekend with your friends and get ready to explore something unique and fresh. SmokeLab never fails to surprise its fans and enthusiasts.

SmokeLab Vodka is the brainchild of the NV Group. NV Group is one of the top vodka distillers in the country. All those who are looking to enjoy a great time at home during the weekends can choose one of India’s best vodka brands. If you are willing to enjoy a night-out with friends, then there is nothing better than SmokeLab Vodka for you to try out.

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