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What Do I Get Along with a Dish TV DTH Connection?

It certainly would be no hyperbole to state that Dish TV is one of the best DTH connections in India. All those who wish to explore high-quality Indian entertainment can opt for Dish TV DTH without having to overthink. The good thing about Dish TV is: it is the favourite DTH connection for an average Indian (across geographies). It doesn’t matter whether you’re from up north or down south; Dish TV has a set of exciting channels and add-ons to make your day exciting and memorable.

One-Stop Entertainment Destination:

If entertainment is what you want, then there I nothing better you will get than Dish TV DTH. There are various Active services within the gamut of entertainment for you to look forward to. Take this for an example: SongDew TV brings you nothing but high-quality music and songs. If listening to songs sits atop your agenda, then SongDew is the just the service you need to check out.

Various Set Top Boxes on Offer (Variants)

DishSMRT Hub

Dish SMRT Hub is all about entertainment and fun. All those who want to explore the top entertainment avenues on their TV sets can opt for this service. The entertainment quotient is not just limited to the TV channels you get. Opt for a DishSMRT Hub and you will also gain access to a wide range of OTT platforms, including the Watcho app. The likes of Sony Liv and Disney+Hotstar are also available with this smart TV service. So, it can easily be said that the viewers are pretty much sorted if they choose to go for DishSMRT Hub. Multiple user profiles can be made and the all-important Chromecast feature lets you watch your favourite shows and movies on the big screen.


Explore an entirely new dimension of TV entertainment with Dish TV DTH’s DishNXT HD service. Here, the viewers will get to choose from the widest set of HD channels (across genres). If you are in the food to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, then settle for nothing less than Dish TV DTH’s DishNXT HD service. Moreover, the quality of HD channels provided to the subscribers is second to none. Those who want to make the most of their TV viewing experience should opt for this smart TV service right now.

Dish SMRT Kit

Dish SMRT Kit is here to make your life easier and convenient. Get to explore the endless world of video streaming apps online. The likes of Watcho and Hotstar can all be streamed online with ease. However, please do note that all of the subscriptions would have to be bought separately.  Play the best musical countdowns and get real-time weather updates by going for this very special smart TV service by Dish TV DTH. This is the only thing people need to keep themselves entertained at all times. Viewers and subscribers will also be able to get their hands on personalised recommendations if they choose to go for Dish SMRT Kit. There is Alexa support available with this service, which is a good enough reason for the audience to buy it right away.

Dish SMRT Stick

The ever-popular Dish SMRT Stick by Dish TV DTH is everybody’s ultimate destination. If you are someone who wishes to explore the endless catalogue of online content on your smart TV, then Dish TV’s Smart Stick is something you need to buy right away. The viewers can unlock online videos from across the internet. Stream the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and a whole lot more by opting for this smart TV service by Dish TV DTH.

Which Services to I Get with Dish TV DTH?

  • Active Services

Active services, such as Hits Active, are quite popular with the masses. All those who are fond of hit Bollywood movies can subscribe to this special Active service. Similarly, there are other popular sub-categories available for the viewers to subscribers to choose from. Take this for an example: Comedy Active is a specialised service provided to all fans and enthusiasts of comedy shows.

This service lets the viewers stream all of the best comedy specials and stand-up comedy shows. There are other sub-categories of Active services for you to choose from. So, you can say that Dish TV DTH is here to keep you entertained for quite a long time.

  • Multilingual Services

Multilingual services are available for those who wish to explore regional movies and content. All of us speak various languages. There is a lot more to our TV sets than just English and Hindi channels. Take this for an example: If you come from Maharashtra, you will need Marathi channels. Fortunately, Dish TV DTH is here to bring you all the channels you need. If there are kids in the house, then kids’ channels, such as Cartoon Network, are also available for you to subscribe to.

  • Recording Services

Do not want to miss out on your favourite TV show and/or movies? Well, if the answer is yes, then Dish TV DTH’s recording service is something that will come in really handy. All you need to do is: switch on the recording service offered by Dish TV DTH and record everything you need to watch. Pair it up with your USB device and record close to 2TB of shows and movies.  Standby recording is also available.

  • Alexa Enabled

Put voice search to use and search for all the best content on TV without having to move a hand (both literally and figuratively). Enable Alexa and search for whatever you need to watch on TV. So, hand-free entertainment is now a reality. Television sets have now become smarter, which means you, too, need to get smarter.

What About Zeeplex?

Zeeplex is a movies-on-demand service that lets the viewers watch some of the latest movies on your TV set without having to spend heavily on buying movie tickets. The likes of ’14 Phere’ and ‘Kaagaz’ are both available for you to watch on Dish TV DTH’s Zeeplex service. All you need to do is: pick a movie you wish to watch while also selecting a pre-defined show time. Pay for the service using a credit/debit card and enjoy the latest Indian and international movies on your TV in full HD picture quality and surround sound.  You can make all bookings by putting your registered mobile number to use. If watching the latest movies in a cinema-like experience is your thing, then do opt for this movies-on-demand service.

What About Packs and Channels?

Subscribers can Opt for Single Channels

As far as channel packs are concerned, you have a wide range of options at your begin with, you can choose standalone channels. All channels offered by Dish TV DTH can be added and/or removed whenever you want to. The prices of all of the HD channels are mouth-watering as well. Take this for an example: &TV, a popular Hindi movie channel, is available for subscription at just INR 12. Get a Dish TV DTH connection and you will get access to all of the best TV channels (across several genres) at unbelievable prices.

Go for Combos if You Have to:

You can avail HD channel combos with Dish TV DTH. Take this for an example: the Classic Hindi Channels Pack is the ideal starter’s pack that can be availed by you at any given point in time.  This pack contains  eight (8) pay channels for just INR 16. Similarly, there are other channel packs for the audiences to look forward to. Just check out the various exciting channel packs Dish TV DTH has on offer for the audience and you’d be able to see for yourself.

Special Add-Ons

Add-ons are a striking feature of Dish TV DTH’s channel packs. There are several special channel add-ons for the subscribers to check out. Here is an example: there is this special India Cricket Hindi add-on that can be subscribed to by all fans of Indian cricket. If you are someone who loves watching Indian cricket (both international and domestic), then you should definitely give this add-on a try without wasting time.

Broadcaster Bouquets

If you love channels broadcasted by a specific broadcaster, such as Zee Entertainment, then you will need access to Dish TV DTH’s Broadcaster Bouquets. Take this for an example: the Zee Super Pack (Telugu and Kannada) contains 10 channels for just INR 34.95. It is affordable.

A get a Dish TV DTH connection and also keep an eye out for the latest channel packs and add-ons that are made available to the viewers and subscribers. Dish TV DTH is one of the top DTH connections in the country, and it keeps on adding new services and add-ons for all of its customers and subscribers to look forward to.

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