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Watcho Short Films to Watch Within an Hour

Watcho short films are an absolute treat to watch if you want the best short films and other pieces of original video content. All those who have a taste for fresh and exciting new short films can give this very popular app a try. There are several new and intriguing short films that you will be able to watch on your smartphone screens. There is never a dearth of exciting content for the viewers to tune into on the Watcho app.

If you are a fan of crisper pieces of content, then do check out the various original short films available for streaming on the Watcho app. There are short films across a wide set of genres that you can stream on your smartphone with the Watcho app.

Here are some of the best original short films that you can stream on Watcho:


Bhau’ is a great short film that you will be able to watch within 10 minutes. There is no dearth of unique and interesting plot twists in this short film. A henchman of a powerful underworld don is asked to kill a handicapped boy (who happens to be a crime witness). The henchman seems to have developed a special bond with the boy. Will he go against his boss’ orders in order to save the boy? Or will he carry out his boss’ orders and eliminate the boy? Watch this short film to know more.


‘Jolly’ is a short film that will take you back to the 1990s. A young boy witnesses friction between his parents. They seem to have lost all love for each other. Plus, they are both filing for a divorce as well. However, not all is lost as the boy gets a taste for true love when everything seems to be falling apart. Jolly 1995 is a story painted with innocence and love. It is a story set in the 1990s, a time when falling in love was a bit easier than it is now.

Issi Baat Ka Darr Hai

Issi Baat Ka Darr Hai is a very popular short film that you will get to watch on the Watcho app. All those who have a taste for fresh and unique original short films. A boy from the deprived classes of the society dreams of becoming a pilot after studying well. However, his social status makes it difficult for him to realise this dream of his. Watch this short film without wasting time if you wish to witness the hidden side of discrimination in our country.

Moment of Truth

‘Moment of Truth’ is a popular short film that deals with the life of an aging adult performer. Her career is waning, primarily because of her growing age. So, she is forced to reflect upon the choices she has made. Watch this very short but hard-hitting short film if you want to enjoy the best time of your life at home. This original short film is both relevant and powerful. Watch it right now if you have a taste for meaningful pieces of cinema.

Watcho is the ideal app for you if you want to stream the best original short films on your smartphones with ease. This app is the only thing you’d need in order to keep yourselves on the edge of your seat. This app also has several live TV channels for the viewers to look forward to. There is no dearth of entertaining content on this platform.

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