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Watcho Originals That are Packed With Countless Twists& Turns

The Watcho app is all about Indian entertainment. There are original videos that the viewers and subscribers can watch on their TV sets. Web series in Hindi across all major genres are available for streaming on this platform. All those who want to explore the best pieces of video content can check out the Watcho app right at this moment. There are fresh and exciting pieces of content for the viewers to watch and enjoy on your smartphone screens.

Of late, there are several Watcho originals that have gained a considerable fan following  in recent times. There are shows across several genres and sub-genres that the viewers can watch and enjoy on their smartphone screens. All those who wish to treat themselves to Indian style entertainment can download this app right away.

Here are some of the best Watcho originals packed with twists and turns that the viewers would enjoy watching:


‘Ardhsatya’ is one of the most-loved thriller web shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. This show deals with various supernatural elements. What happens when 2 sisters realise that they can communicate with the undead. This show is a must-watch for all those who have a liking for web series dealing with the undead and the supernatural. There are 10 episodes in the first season of ‘Ardhsatya’. The show has various dark and gory details and themes that all fans of the gothic genre to watch and enjoy.


‘Happy’ is one of the latest shows available for streaming on Watcho. This Watcho show deals with love and obsession. Love becomes an incurable disease when it transforms into obsession. Watch the perilous and dangerous side of love in this very popular web show available for streaming on the Watcho app. The first season of ‘Happy’. This show is one of the best adult-thriller web shows on this OTT platform. All the viewers who wish to watch something unique and thrilling within the romantic-thriller genre should definitely try this show out. It makes for the perfect watch over the weekend. The central character showcased in ‘Happy’ is a man who will surpass all the limits in order to win over the girl he loves. This web series in Hindi is loaded with mature and disturbing themes to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats right from the word go. So, watch the first season of ‘Happy’ without wasting time.


‘Jaalsaazi’ is a show that deals with the illegal hunting of the Great Indian Rhinoceros. Wildlife poachers from across the globe happen to be on the lookout for the Great Indian Rhinoceros because of its horn. This 8-part series is all about a team of wildlife vigilantes and rangers who will do anything in order to minimize and eliminate the threat posed to the Indian Rhinoceros. Watch the first season of this action-thriller show if you have a taste for shows dealing with wildlife preservation. This Watcho original has become one of the best offerings on the app in recent times.


‘Jaunpur’ is a web show that deals with the life of a dreaded crime lord. Babu Bhaiya is one of the most feared dons and crime lords in and around Jaunpur. However, he is serving a lengthy jail term at present. Out of nowhere, he is attacked inside his prison cell by the goons of one of his rival. ‘Jaunpur’ also tells the viewers about the history of Babu Bhaiya. He is forced to commit a crime as a youngster in order to save and preserve his friend’s honour. The story follows a predictable plot, but there are ample twists, turns, and flashbacks to keep the viewers interested in the story of the central character. Watch the first season of ‘Jaunpur’ right now if you love watching action-packed web series in Hindi

The Watcho app is a must-have for those who have a taste for Indian shows and web series. Plus, there are several live TV channels that can also be watched by the viewers on their smartphone screens on the go with this app. So, get this app downloaded right away. Simply put, this app is the perfect entertainment destination for all.

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