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Updated Your Quarantine Watch-list with these Web Series

This year the millennials are facing a crisis like never. Life indoors can sometimes seem monotonous. Especially people are missing meeting their friends and traveling. Even if the lockdown is eased nationwide, we always need to take every precaution. Stepping outside without any essential work is not recommended. Have you exhausted all the movies on your watchlist? Watch these new web series instead of movies. You can download your favourite OTT app on one touch and start watching these shows. Check out this recommendation:

Love Crisis

This interesting romantic series unveils the weakening relationship between Nina and Armaan get into doldrums when a club entertainer, Nimisha comes into the life of Armaan again. This precipitates Nina to get in a mode of vengeance to avenge Armaan for breaking her trust. Find out what awaits in the life of Armaan and Nimisha. This series reveals the ugly truth of the consequences of adultery. Watch this web series online on the Watcho app. They offer a great collection of original web series, Hindi movies, and short films. You can also watch shows in regional languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

Plus Minus

This inspiring short film showcases a young woman who is almost on the verge of leaving her marital home due to a dominating mother in law. A chance encounter with an Indian Army Soldier teaches her new meaning of love and lends her a new perspective of life. This film indeed teaches us what it advocates- that every minus is half of a plus.

Period: End of Sentence

This 2019 Oscars winning short documentary is one of the best Hindi short films to watch. Award-winning director Rayka Zehtabchi ‘touches upon’ the taboo issue of menstruation particularly in rural India. This short film portrays the issue of Indian women fighting the stigma surrounding menstruation. What makes this short film even more inspiring is that it is based on the exploits of a real-life hero.

Ambani The Investor

Award-winning short film Ambani The Investor is one of those best Hindi short films. A poor boy, who starts earning money by selling his father’s liquor bottles for money which he invests in many small businesses finally earns some profit. The film is a story of how the boy made it big through his hard work and entrepreneurial skills.


This short film raises awareness of the deadly disease of AIDS. Directed by Farhan Akhtar, it features Boman Irani as the father, Shabana Azmi as the mother, Arjun Mathur as the son. Positive is one of the four-part series that spreads awareness of this disease.

Cities of Sleep

Staying up late at night can be fun for some. This movie showcases the story of two homeless people Shakeel and Ranjeet. It is an everyday challenge for some to find a safe place to sleep for the night. A place under the bridges, to subways and corners becomes their home for the night.

Take that much-needed tea/ coffee break while watching these web series and short films.

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