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Trending Web Series that You Need to Check Out on Watcho

With a new year, you might be looking for new entertainment to add to your watchlist.

When you download the Watcho app, you can browse genres like thriller, horror, drama, crime, lifestyle, and romance. Watch the Hindi web series on the Watcho app. Along with watching the web series, you can do an instant Dish TV recharge via the in-app recharge feature on Watcho. Here are some of the trending web series to check out on Watcho this month:

Gupta Niwas

Every middle-class family in India has stories to tell, secrets that no one knows, and much more! This Hindi web series narrates the saga of how an Indian middle-class family lives in Allahabad. They face struggles and challenges just like any other family. Despite the differences, fights, disagreements, they somehow find love for one another as a family.


Watch a brave and fun-loving teenager debut the world of crime while trying to save his friend. When Babu Bhaiya was serving his jail sentence, he gets attacked in the jail which inspires him to enter into a world of crime. To complicate matters, even more, his own family gets attacked in retaliation, then he meets with Jaunpur Bahubali Girdhar Singh. This show is listed in IMDB and you can watch the episodes on the Watcho app.

Papa Ka Scooter

When his father had to sell his scooter to pay for Bunty’s tuition fees, he was deeply grieved. Bunty works hard and promises his father a great birthday gift of a new scooter. This heart-touching story reveals how much our parents work hard to provide for us. This Hindi web series is listed in IMDB and you can watch it on Watcho.

It’s My Pleasure 

Many people dream to start their own business and quit their job someday. When Raman is finally considering starting his startup, he is reluctant to share with his family and girlfriend. Raman wants to start up a sex toy portal. This web series is rated in IMDB at 8.5 and you can watch it on the Watcho app.

Mystery Dad

After a night of the drunken party, a modern woman finds herself pregnant. As she cannot remember anything from that night, she

tries to gather clues. She goes on a journey to find the identity of the father of the child. Her sister joins in the adventure of finding the mystery dad. This show is listed in IMDB and leave your review there. For an instant Dish TV recharge, check out the Watcho app.


Watch this thriller web series Junaid who is a militant being interrogated by the Indian army. A lot of sensitive information is revealed when the militant is being interviewed. This show is listed in IMDB and you can check the episodes on the Watcho app.

Masala Family

When a family leaves on a fake vacation only to come back home, it is a funny show to watch. When they try to sneak back into their house, they are surprised at some guests trying to do the same. This show is listed in IMDB and you can watch this web series on the Watcho app.

Jail Plan

When two women seek freedom, they orchestrate their escape from a correctional jail in India. This jail focuses on behavioural modification rather than treating them as inmates. However, it doesn’t compare to living a free life. This web series is listed in IMDB and you can watch it on the Watcho app.

Love Crisis

Nina and Armaan had a good relationship until Nimisha entered his life. She tries to separate the duo by enticing Armaan. Nina gets provoked to take revenge on Armaan. Watch this IMDB-listed thriller web series on the Watcho app.

You can add these web series to your watchlist and start binge-watching. These are trending web series to watch in Watcho if you are looking for something new!

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