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The Long and Short of Dish TV DTH

Talk of Dish TV DTH and the first thing that is likely to come to mind is variety. In all fairness, there are several exciting features that the viewers will get access to if they choose to opt for a Dish TV DTH connection. Right from the Active services to Alexa support, there are several exciting features that the viewers and subscribers will be able to check out with Dish TV DTH.

The thing with Dish TV DTH is: it is tailor-made for the average Indian TV viewer. It has all the channels that are required by people (viewers) to keep themselves entertained throughout the day. There are several interesting shows and movies that the viewers would be able to tune into if they have a Dish TV connection at their disposal.

If you wish to know more about Dish TV DTH and the services provided by it, then the time is ripe for you to check out Dish TV’s website. The moment you make your way to the website, you will be opening yourself up to a myriad of opportunities. There is always a fresh offer (incentive) up for grabs @ Dish TV.

Here is what subscribers can accomplish with Dish TV DTH:

  • Unlimited Entertainment

In all fairness, there is a lot of content for the viewers to check out on Dish TV DTH. It does not matter what your tastes and preferences are, you will always have a show (or a movie) to tune into if you have access to a Dish TV DTH connection. The widest range of HD channel packs is available for the viewers to choose from.

Take this for an example:  Dish TV DTH provides its viewers and subscribers with Broadcaster Bouquets. Now, these bouquets contain all of the popular channels provided by the broadcaster. The Zee pack would have all channels that are provided by Zee.

  • New Movies on Offer with Zeeplex

The Zeeplex channel is a movies-on-demand service that provides the viewers and subscribers with an opportunity to watch all of the latest Bollywood, regional and international releases without having to spend exorbitantly in order to buy movie tickets. ’14 Phere’, a movie starring Vikrant Massey, is available for all of the movie lovers to watch and enjoy. All you have to do is: select the movie you wish to watch and pay for it using your debit/credit card after choosing a suitable show time. Once the payment is done, you will then be able to watch the movie of your choice. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the time is ripe for you to gain access to the Zeeplex channel.

  • Active Services

Active services offer users and subscribers a lot of original content to look forward to. Take this for an example: the entertainment services provided to the viewers and subscribers within the gamut of Active services include the ever-popular SongsDew TV. All those who want nothing but music (and only music), then do try out the SongDew TV. Similarly, there are other Active services, such as Hits Active, Korean Drama Active, Devotional Active, etc.

The good thing with all of these Active services is: all of the viewers and subscribers will be able to watch their favourite TV shows, movies, devotional programmes at affordable prices.  Get Dish TV DTH and explore all of the best Active services right now.

  • Smart TV Set Top Boxes

Smart TV set top box lets you stream not just HD TV channels, but online content as well. There is this smart TV set top box by Dish TV DTH that offers subscribers access to all major Indian and international OTT platforms, such as Hotstar and Watcho. Also, there is a wide set of HD TV channels that viewers tend to get along with a Dish TV DTH DTH service. There is always something interesting for the viewers to watch with this smart TV set top box.

  • Alexa Support

Voice search is one of the major features of most of Dish TV’s set top boxes. This means no longer do viewers and subscribers have to search for channels using a remote. Alexa support makes it possible for people to surf for their favourite channels using voice search. Also, the universal remote feature lets you control all of your smart devices with ease.

  • Universal Remote Feature

Control all of your smart devices using the smart remote feature. In this way, you will be able to seize control of all your devices using your smartphone. Get a Dish TV DTH connection and control all your devices by downloading the universal remote feature in your smartphone.

There is a lot for to a Dish TV DTH service than just live TV channels. All of the die-hard fans and enthusiasts of Dish TV would be well aware of the Watcho app. Fans of OTT entertainment would be well aware of the perks of putting Watcho to use. In simple words, Watcho is not just an OTT app, but also a live TV app that provides the users and subscribers to watch a wide range of Indian infotainment channels on the go.

Here is what you get if the Watcho app is beside you:

Watch the Latest Original Web Series

Original web series form an important part of the Watcho app. This OTT app is well known for all the original content that it provides the audience and viewers with. This app, owned by Dish TV DTH, has every single thing that you would ever need to keep yourselves entertained for a long-long time. To begin with, there are original web series that you can look forward to. The good part is: there are web series across all major genres and sub-genres for the audience to enjoy and admire.

Original Short Films can Also be Watched

Short films are also a popular thing to watch on the Watcho app. If you want endless entertainment and thrill, then the countless original short films available on Watcho are just about tailor-made for you. Here is an example: there is this short film, named ‘Bhau’, which deals with the ever-growing underworld of Mumbai. The most trusted henchman of a dreaded underworld don is tasked with eliminating (killing) a young but disabled boy. This comes as a shock to the henchman, who seems to have developed a liking for the boy. There are various other short films that you can watch on Watcho without needing to buy expensive subscriptions and memberships.

Watch Live TV Channels on the Go

Live TV channels also happen to be a popular thing to watch on the Watcho app. The good thing about Watcho is: it as all of the live TV channels (across all major genres). The best music channels can be watched on the Watcho app. Watch 9xm and MTV Beats on your TV with ease and enjoy a blast. Explore other top channels on Dish TV DTH’s exclusive OTT powerhouse and do not forget to check out the brand-new original music videos that have been uploaded on the app as part of the Underground Music League.  If fresh and peppy music is your thing, then do try out this app by Dish TV DTH right at this moment. The likes of Piyush and YoungBlood would be there to entertain you with their soulful voices.

Pay for Dish TV DTH Recharge

This is yet another handy feature that makes Dish TV DTH’s Watcho app a popular choice. If you are looking to get your Dish TV DTH pack recharged, then do not wait over prolonged periods of time. Just download the app and opt for the Dish TV DTH recharge window. After selecting the window, make sure you enter your Registered Mobile Number (RMN). Select a payment option (a debit/credit card or mwallets). Make the payment after selecting the appropriate option.

Watch Original Watcho Plays:

Original Watcho plays are packed with several exciting storylines and plots to keep you hooked and guessing. If you are looking to explore a bunch of interesting and relevant storylines, such as heinous societal constructs (caste systems), then download Dish TV‘s Watcho app and explore every short film that you like and wish to watch. ‘Netua’, ‘Pocket Maar’, ‘Acid’ and ‘Panne Ki Angoothi’ are some of the top original plays available on the Watcho app. So, it can be said that you will have ample content to keep yourself busy this weekend. 

Dish TV DTH is India’s top DTH service. All those who wish to explore (and come to terms with) the next level of TV entertainment can embrace a brand-new Dish TV DTH connection right at this moment. There are vast scores of innovative TV content for the viewers and subscribers to look forward to if and when they have access to Dish TV DTH.

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