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Surprising Indoor Plants Benefits in Office Interior Not Many Know About

We all have seen mammoth varieties of indoor plants in either commercial space for rent in Noida or even in the smallest of offices in Delhi/NCR. Apart from lending a visual appeal and accentuating the aesthetic value of the office interiors, there are many surprising hidden benefits of indoor plants not many know about.

Indoor plants affect and increase the health, wellbeing, morale, productivity, and happiness quotient of the employees while keeping them engrossed with the work and finding pleasure in it too. Not just indoor plants are a relatively cheaper addition to the office interiors compared to the other office design makeover ideas, but they also add a beautiful green touch to the overall office environment.

You my scour through the leading office properties on lease in ITES in Gurgaon or Noida and you’d find all of them decked up with greenery, indoors and outdoors.

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This article is about the hidden benefits of indoor plants for office interiors:

Plants Increase Aesthetic Quotient

Indoor plants add a relaxing and warm touch to the otherwise mechanical office interiors and looks pleasing for the employees, guests, ad even clients coming from the outside. Green interiors make people perceive an image about the building or business being expensive looking, dedicated, and sophisticated. Green plants add a welcoming touch to the office interiors.

Plants Combat Employees’ Ill Health

Low humidity and indoor toxic air are the two top reasons of employees’ ill health inside the office premises which indoor plants can effectively combat and sustain in the long run. Plants release moisture into the air and help maintaining the healthy moisture levels in the air by purifying the indoor air as well. Balanced moisture levels and indoor clean and pure air automatically means lesser sick days of employees due to cold or flu.

Plants Increase Employees’ Morale & Productivity

We all know indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress at the workplace and increase employee productivity by 12%.adding even a single indoor plants to the workplace helps employees stay closer to the nature and feel relaxed and fresh in the green surroundings. Indoor plants establish a healthy, positive, and harmonious workplace environment by eliminating negative and toxic feelings in the ambience and increase the happiness and productivity quotient by 30-60%.

Indoor Plants Make Workplace Enticing for New Applicants

The office interior design inspired by nature is referred to as biophilic design and is proven to be a pull factor for the new applicants coming to the business for jobs. They perceive an organization with scattered indoor greenery as more responsible, alert, dedicated towards employee health, and attractive for the new comers to take the proposition on a serious note.

While redoing the office interiors to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable; one doesn’t necessarily need to go for large indoor plants only. Adding two or three of them on the entire floor is sufficient depending on the area in commercial space for rent In Noida. Adding smaller desk plants also serve the same purpose as larger ones.

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