Dish TV DTH connection

Save Big by Subscribing to 5 Dish TV Active Service Combos

There is no better time to upgrade your DTH to an HD connect and subscribe to some Active Service packs. What makes Dish TV Active Service Packs affordable is that you can subscribe to the combo packs!

Watch your favourite TV channels by subscribing to Active Service packs on Dish TV. This holiday season, upgrade to a new Dish TV HD connection and subscribe to these combo active services.

Watch TV channels in high-definition with DishNXT HD and enjoy shows with 5X better picture quality and 5.1 surround sound. Upgrade to Dish TV HD today from your existing SD connection at just Rs. 999/-. Looking for the best combo Active service packs offered by Dish TV? Check out these packs:

All in One Active Service Combo Pack- Dish TV HD

Why choose only a few when you can get it all in one package? Watch all fifteen active service channels with All in One Active Service Pack on your new Dish TV HD connection. Subscribe today to All in One at an economical price of Rs. 5.6/- day. Whether you want to watch blockbuster movies or lifestyle shows or groove to the latest music, get it all in the ‘All in One’ Active Service Pack.

Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service Combo Pack – Dish TV HD

Experience a new world of entertainment with Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service Pack on Dish TV HD connection. When you avail of the exclusive limited time offer, you can watch five channels at the price of one. Have movie nights at home with channel no. 351 Movies Active. Travel back in the time of the golden era of cinemas with classic movies on channel no. 350 Evergreen Classic Active. Enjoy belly laugh with channel no. 131 Comedy Active. Listen to the latest musical numbers and dance along on channel no. 473 and 474 Music Active. Get access to non-stop entertainment by subscribing to the Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service Pack at an offer price of Rs. 2.8/- day. Subscribe today to Entertainment Dhamaka and watch a combo of five channels- Movies Active, Evergreen Classic, Comedy Active, Music Active, and Music Active Masala.

Dance & Music Active Service Combo Pack- Dish TV HD

Set the mood for the holiday season with Dance + Music Active Service Pack on Dish TV. If you always wanted to learn dancing, subscribe to Dance Active Service and learn from the best choreographers. Listen to hit Bollywood songs and new music albums with Music Active hits. Listen to non-stop music video albums on the Music Active Masala channel. Subscribe to this entertaining combo of three entertaining channels at an offer price of Rs. 2/- day. Groove to the beats of your favourite songs and learn dancing as you watch! Avail of ad-free services and special festival shows on the Dance + Music combo Active Service pack.

Bhakti & Jyotish Active Service Combo – Dish TV HD

If you have elderly parents, subscribe to the Bhakti + Jyotish Dunia combo Active Service Pack. Subscribe to this combo pack at Rs. 2/- day on your DishNXT HD connection. Your parents can listen to bhajans and devotional songs on this active service combo pack. Your parents can listen to the devotional songs on the Bhakti + Jyotish Dunia Active service pack.

These four active service combo packs feature all the major TV channels that you would like to watch. To enjoy the best entertainment in high-definition, get the DishNXT HD set-top box at an economical rate. Subscribe to combo active service packs to save big on your Dish TV DTH connection.

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