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Reasons Why Having a Gymnasium at Workplace Brings Positive Impact

The employees of any organization spend long working hours in office everyday with most of the time being seated at the same place for most part of the day. This sedentary behavior isn’t just detrimental for your employees’ health but also poses a threat to the employer’s vested interest in a business too.

Promoting a healthy workforce is extremely crucial and the easiest way to do that is to invest in a full-fledged corporate gymnasium at office buildings in Gurgaon. Having an office gym is one of the easiest ways to pep up employees’ morale, increase their productivity at work, reduce stress, and boost their overall wellbeing.

Here are reasons adding a corporate gym at work brings about positive impact on employees’ health and overall wellbeing:

  1. Reduces Stress

It’s no big secret that workplace stress can wreak havoc on an employee’s mental and physical health. Mentally stressed out employees called in more sick days at work, turn to emotional eating, lack focus and concentration at work. Studies have proved that having a gym at workplace where the employees work out regularly better equips them to handle workplace stress effectively.

Sweating while exercising releases endorphins which help relax your mind while exercising is known to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone).

  1. Fuels Productivity

When an employee feels taken care of at work and valued, he puts in more productivity at work without asking. Positive effects of exercise are beyond just physical; it reduces blood pressure, promotes good cardiac health, and goes on to increasing creativity levels, sharper memory, and enhanced concentration levels.

A study established that employees who workout during office hours are found to be more productive and better at handling teams, experiencing enhanced work satisfaction.

  1. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction/Better Retention

Employees who feel they’re cared for by the organization, value their job beyond the compensation package. Studies have proved over time that when an employee sticks to a company for long, the reasons are beyond just finances. The in-house meaningful office amenities like gym at work helps employee stay healthy and satisfied.

  1. Fosters Social Life

Office gym is more than just the place to exercise; it fosters better social connections. Office gym is probably the best place for employees to connect while still being at work, helping them build long-term professional and personal relationships. Investing in a corporate gym also reinstates employees’ belief in the wellbeing.

  1. Slashed Healthcare Costs

Employees who exercise regularly, coupled up with better nutrition, are proven to be more mentally and physically strong. From efficient weight loss, to stronger bones and joints, better immunity, and preventing seasonal allergies, employees working out regularly need to visit doctor less often having more productive days at work.

Motivate Your Employees to Sweat it Out

One doesn’t need to have a full-fledged fancy gym at workplace to get their employees to exercise at work. A completely functional gym with essential training equipment at Candor TechSpace’s IT park in Gurgaon is what keeps employees coming back to the work day after day.

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