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Practical Tips on Upgrading Your Living Room Décor in Lockdown

When the entire family is staying home amid a pandemic, homes will get messy. The living room is the heart of any homes. Especially these days, modern homes have an open concept living room with the dining and adjacent kitchen. Check out luxurious concrete craft furnishing online from Craft Beton. If your living room is messy and you want to upgrade your living room décor, check out these tips:

Refresh Your Seating Area

Along with a big sofa and sectionals, keep a small corner to just read a book or sip your morning cup of coffee. A comfy reading chair by long windows with flowy sheer curtains creates the perfect nook around the fireplace. Position your furniture in a way that keeps enough space to create the same. Consider buying new cushions for the sofa, chairs. New ottomans can create a whole new look for the room. Add a beautiful statement rug in the centre of your living room.

You add a few of your favourite books in a butterfly bookend on the centre table. Shop for stylish concrete bookends from Craft Beton.

Vibrant Colours

Paint the room with soothing colours like mauve, lilac, pale green, or crème. You can also put a floral wallpaper on one side. You can also use a dual-tone on the walls, to create a contrasting effect.

Accent Lighting

A living room should have an ample amount of natural light streaming in through the window. Choose chic table lamps for sofa tables. You can place a swivel scone accent lighting on the side of the sofa.

Clear Out the Clutter

Get rid of anything that is not useful in the room. It is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Use storage to hide the stress-inducing clutter.

Textures & Patterns

Patterns and textures always add an extra layer of character to the décor of the room. Use patterns like stripes, dots, or designs. Textures like velvet, wool, stone, wood, cast iron, and much more. Keep a balance between textures, patterns, and colours.

Sustainable Pieces

Add a chic touch to your room décor with concrete, wood, glass, stone themed furnishings. For example, you can add cement bar stools, concrete bookends, stone fireplace mantle, etc.

Store with Style

Add a foyer table with multi-functioning drawers for smart storage solutions. Put a vintage table with drawers to keep the books, keys, gloves, etc. The top of the table is the perfect place to showcase family photos. You can also keep some aromatic candles and fresh flowers on top of it.

Use these tips to upgrade your living room décor to create the perfect place for your family to hang out and have a quality time.

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