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Laughter Therapy: 3 Web shows to Leave you LMAO

They say laughter is the best medicine and you would agree to it after treating yourself to some hilarious web shows and TV series. The Watcho app, a subsidiary of Dish TV, brings you some of the most popular pieces of video content on your smartphone.

Check out all of the popular web shows in the comedy genre and let the good times begin. The Watcho app is one of the most popular and widely used OTT platforms in the country and offers endless entertainment to its viewers, irrespective of their age.

Recently, a number of new web shows have been added to the Watcho app in order to attract the youngsters. Here are some of the top shows in the comedy genre that need to be watched by you at the earliest:

Marathi Standup Comedy:

Marathi Standup Comedy is tailor-made for you if you happen to be a fun-loving Marathi. The show is quite different from the regular TV series that you get to watch on a regular basis as it brings together some of the finest (and budding) Marathi comedians under one roof.  This comedy special is the best thing you will get to watch on your smartphone. Download the app now and start watching this show because it is completely worth it.

Virgin at 27

Virgin at 27 is web show that brings to light the life of a boy who wishes to explore the uncharted land of sex and relationships. All he wants is to learn a little about sexuality but the world around him makes it impossible for him to look at sex from a positive frame of mind. This web show can be watched by everybody because all would be able to relate to it.


Jokeistan is a hilarious roller-coaster ride that deals with the reunion of 6 crazy and fun-loving friends who get tangled in a hilarious situation. Also, they meet up and give rise to something hilarious and enjoyable. Also, there is a secret agenda to extract a huge sum of money from one of the friends. So, you should definitely give this web show a try because it is fun-filled and light-hearted.

All those in the mood to enjoy endless comedy and laughter can give the Watcho app a try without thinking much. Here is an OTT app that has been brought into existence to meet the needs and requirements of the entire family. To put things simply, the Watcho app is packed with the best web shows and original short films to keep the viewers busy and excited.

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