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Is Automation Everything for the BPO Industry?

Automation is the buzzword in today’s day and age. All those who want to explore the best real-life application of automation need to look at the contemporary BPO industry. The best businesses in different parts of the world are all making use of automation and AI in order to bridge the gap between the companies and the consumers. The idea is to use automation to use in order to address the queries and issues of the consumers/callers

BPO service providers in all big and small countries across the globe are looking at tried and tested ways to get in touch with the consumers using ‘informal’ ways. The idea to go informal is obvious. The customers and callers will listen to you with great interest if you are able to add a pinch of ‘personal touch’ and emotion into the mix.

Customer experience management begins when the customer is able to get his hands on a solution that will help him put his present set of problems at bay.

Here is why automation is not everything for the BPO industry:

The BPO Executive is Communicating with Humans

A BPO executive always gets in touch with the customers (humans) whenever his/ her phone rings. Therefore, it is important for the BPO executive to listen to the client/caller without having any kind of bias inside his mind. The key is to listen to what your customer has to say to you. Only then will you be able to understand the customer’s or caller’s problems. Customer experience management begins when the customer gets what he wants, i.e. a solution to his problems or issues that can be counted upon.

Automation Cannot Exist in Isolation

Automation is fine, but it cannot exist in isolation. What a customer wants is a rich and fruitful conversation with the BPO executive. Bombarding the customer/caller with a bunch of automated messages will leave him with an incredibly bad taste in his mouth. A rich and constructive conversation over the phone or even over the internet can prove to be quite handy if the idea is to create an everlasting impression in the minds of the customer. He will get back to you if you can address all of his queries and issues. BPO service providers are making extensive use of automation, but automation won’t do much good in the absence of the human touch.

The ‘Want’ to Talk Cannot be Sidelined

Customers want to talk. They want to talk to the executive because they want to make themselves heard. The executives will succeed in keeping the customer with him if he is able to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding whilst he is chatting with the customer. Automated messages won’t be able to retain the customer’s attention for a considerable amount of time. However, a physical customer care executive over the phone will always be able to assist the customer in a much better way than usual.

Automation Alone is Bland and Boring

Yes. This point is very much true. All those who make an extensive use of automation would be well aware of the fact that a bunch of automated messages will never be able to capture the caller’s or customer’s attention. The ‘Human’ element will always be a powerful part of the communication channel because a BPO executive will always be communicating with humans and not robots. All of the BPO service providers are well aware of this fact.

Come to Ison Xperiences if you wish to witness the best examples of customer experience management. No matter how brilliant the automation strategy is, the need to communicate with a human will always arise.  That is where a BPO call centre executive will end up saving the day for the company.

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