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How is it Possible to Complete Construction Amidst Harsh Waether?

As the season of hurricanes and earthquakes approaches, construction timelines are getting delayed. The recent hurricane Dorian wrecked a havoc in the Bahamas, Florida and East coast region of America. Natural disturbances like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis are becoming more frequent than ever. This has led to unforeseen glacial melts, unpredictable weather conditions, a rise in sea-levels, acidification of ocean water, extinction of several plant and animal species and other situations. This also impacts the longevity of buildings and other high-rise structures. High-rise structures are more prone to earthquakes. Climate change has transformed the architecture, designing, and construction of new buildings. Architects are using modern technology to design buildings that are weather-resistant and energy efficient. Construction engineers are making durable structures to withstand the aftermaths of natural disasters. Modern high-rise buildings are constructed with deep earthing with iron beams which makes them less vulnerable to earthquakes. Weather-resistant paint is widely used in both residential and commercial buildings alike. Earthquakes and tsunamis occur often in the countries of Japan, Nepal, Indonesia, and India. Lava eruptions in areas of dormant and active volcanoes, in the countries of Hawaii and Japan, can displace an entire population, and damage a lot of buildings.

OPC Grade 53 cement is used to make the most durable and strong structures. Portland cement best for roof and pre-cast cladding panels, creating terrazzo floorings. Both Grade 43 and Grade 53 OPC cement is used in general construction works. Blended or Slag cement is best to create more strong and durable structures. It is made with a blend of fly ash and silica-rich materials.

MP Birla Cement Concrecem is the best Ordinary Portland cement available in India. This cement is specially engineered to offer strength, durability, and faster construction time. Greenhouse gas emissions and pollution are rapidly weakening older buildings. Architects involved in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings work to minimize the effects of adverse weather conditions. Discoloring of marble due to acid rain and air pollution is a common phenomenon. Hurricanes are occurring more frequently in the coastal areas of the USA. Adding up to billions of dollars of damages, these climatic disasters render millions of people homeless and create a deep plunge in the economy of a country.

Architects are using advanced 3D designing to make buildings and commercial structures. These structures will have better resistance to severe weather conditions and natural turmoil. These tips will aid the construction engineers and architects to finish the projects amidst harsh weather conditions.

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