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High-Quality Watcho Originals for Family Viewing This Weekend

Watcho is an app that viewers from all major age groups can trust for watching original Indian web shows. There are web shows for people across all major age groups on this OTT platform. This means each member of the family will enjoy using the Watcho app during his/her free time. Also, make it a point to glance at the various short films and live TV channels that are available for streaming on the Watcho app.

There is a host of shows for the viewers to check out on this OTT platform. It does not matter what your tastes and preferences are, the Watcho app has everything that you would need to keep yourself busy, entertained and excited throughout the day. New web shows in various languages keep landing on this platform. This means the viewers will always have something fresh and unique to watch all the time.

Here’s a small list of the best Watcho originals that the viewers would enjoy watching with their families:


‘Sarhad’ is a 7-part series that the viewers would enjoy watching if they have a liking for espionage-thriller shows. All those who want to watch something energetic and multilayered can give this show a try. India’s top intelligence agency nabs a terrorist near the Indian border. Once an IB officer starts interrogating the terrorist, he realizes that there is a conspiracy that needs to be stopped immediately. Watch ‘Sarhad’ right now with your family if action-thriller shows are your thing.

Mystery Dad

‘Mystery Dad’ is one of the most popular shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. All those who have a liking for comedy-thriller web series need to add ‘Mystery Dad’ to their watch list right now. Plus, all fans of Saadhika Syal need to watch this show right away. She is the axis around which ‘Mystery Dad’ rotates and revolves. Also, watch all the episodes of this web show in one go because you won’t be able to take your eyes off this show once you start watching it. Get the Watcho app download right now.

Mission Breaking News

‘Mission Breaking News’ is the story of an honest female journalist who gets butchered to death whilst trying to unearth a conspiracy. She is murdered by goons while she is covering a set of suspicious developments. Her son enters the fray in order to kill the goons that murdered his mother. He, too, gets closer to the conspiracy. Watch ‘Mission Breaking News’ if you wish to take a closer look at the dark side of business and profit making.


‘Aghaat’ is a 5-part series that deals with the stigma surrounding Muslims. A notorious sleeper cell is activated in Australia and a bunch of Muslims get dragged into the scheme of things just because of their religious practices. ‘Aghaat’ is a must-watch for all those who want to watch something fast-paced, action packed and relevant. The viewers will be able to watch this show in one go as it contains no more than five (5) episodes.

Also, do make it certain to check out all of the web shows that are available for streaming on the Watcho app if you have a taste for original Indian content.

Download the Watcho app right now if you want to watch the best Watcho originals from the comfort of your home. This app is tailor-made for all those who want to enjoy the time of their lives whilst enjoying a holiday at home. Also, the viewers can get their Dish TV DTH accounts recharged by using this app.

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