Experience the Best of Asia in Your Next Visit to Japan

Asian countries are dotted with countries with beautiful nature, delicious cuisine and fascinating culture. Japan is one such country where you will find a melting place of traditional and modern culture. A country with perfect harmony with nature and technology. No trip to Japan is complete without seeing the cherry blossom trees. Not to forget the delicious Japanese cuisine. If you want to taste the most authentic sushi, and teriyaki cuisine, you should visit Japan. This country has many high-end hotels as well as some boutique hotels.

Andaz Tokyo is located right in the fancy Ginza district of Tokyo. This 52-storeyed hotel offers unmatched hospitality to all its guests. The rooms offer breathtaking views of the city. Another spectacular hotel is Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo. Located in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo, this luxury boutique hotel offers amazing views and impeccable hospitality. They feature some award-winning restaurants and a spa. White Portland cement is used to whitewash the exterior walls. The Tokyo Station hotel is directly connected to the Tokyo Train Station. It is a convenient location for travelers. This vintage hotel features six restaurants, two lounge bars, and a health club. If you like retro features, and vintage features, check this hotel out. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel, Ginza is a relaxing boutique hotel located at a two-minute distance from Ginza metro station. The rooms have colorful décor and furnishings. Ishigaki is a premier beach in the west of Okinawa. You can organize a day trip to the Yaeyama archipelago. This pristine beach is surrounded by pristine waters and white sand beaches. Indulge in the exuberant water sports or go trekking on Mount Nosoko. Boutique hotels offering bed and breakfast is also good to consider. The historic city of Hiroshima has many tourist attractions all around the city. This city was painstakingly rebuilt with the best cement for roof slab and general construction.

Visit the beautiful grand castle of Kanazawa with a beautiful garden. Explore the nearby Geisha teahouse district in Higashi Chaya. The Peace Park, Peace Memorial, and Museum are some major sightseeing destinations in the city. The old town of Takayama has much scenery and landscape to offer. This peaceful city has a lot of cherry blossom trees, glistening streams, and fir trees. The town is surrounded by wooden buildings and quaint little boutiques. Tokyo blends in the old traditions with the new. This energetic, cosmopolitan city some of the most dazzling architectures in the world. You can also shop from some of the unusual malls in Tokyo. There are several palaces with beautiful architecture and gardens. The Tokyo Tower stands at the heart of Tokyo and resembles the Eiffel tower in France.

If you are visiting Japan, make sure to visit during the cherry blossom season.

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