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Effective Strategies for Using Instagram for Business

After Facebook acquired Instagram, businesses are shifting towards using Instagram. It is not only a unique platform for connecting with a greater set of audience but also a very effective platform. IG stories can be used as a potent tool by businesses and brands to engage with their followers. Instagram stories can be an effective way to connect with potential customers. Instagram stories can be tagged with creative and unique hashtags, locations, etc.

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At Korra, you get a dedicated account manager and social media manager for your social media handles. Korra is also one of the best website development company in Gurgaon. Check out these expert tips on how to use Instagram for business:

Audience Engagement

The first reason to use Instagram Stories is that fascinating posts aren’t the only means of increasing engagement with your followers. Your posts should consistently encourage followers to engage by checking your Instagram Bio for the latest posts and useful information. Instagram Stories allow you to post frequently as an engagement strategy, to stay top of mind for your audience.

Interactive Content

You can diversify your content to increase your fan following and grow your audience. A good reason to use IG Stories is that it is a new feature on an existing platform. If you already have an Instagram account and audience, you can simply diversify your content with the resources you already have. Additionally, storytelling is a better way to connect with your followers.

Link Website in Bio

Another great feature of the Instagram stories is that you can post it on your page or create an IGTV video. You can then post that story as a regular Instagram post, with a caption, filter, and location. Not only is this a great way to repurpose content, but it is also a way to test content before putting it into your profile. If you want your customers to take some action like buying your product, mention ‘link in bio’ on your stories.

Publish Testimonies

For business pages, it takes much planning and effort to create a piece of content. But Instagram Stories are a fun and interactive way to engage with your audience. You don’t have to go for rigorous planning to accomplish the same. For example, a Chef can create short IG recipe stories while showcasing a sponsored product and then provide the link of the product to prepare that recipe. Creative IG stories are designed to get much traffic than ordinary ones.

As a business profile, you can always retrieve the weekly insights and reports from the IG business tools.

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