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Dish TV Services for Enthusiasts of Punjabi Movies and Music

Dish TV has a wide range of regional-language services that the viewers and enthusiasts of regional movies and TV shows. As far as the north-Indian audience is concerned, there is a lot of video content for the viewers in north India to tune into. HD and premium TV channels are available for streaming in Punjabi, all thanks to the variety provided by Dish TV DTH.

All those who have a taste for Punjabi-language TV services and channels can check out the cost of the various Punjabi-language channels (across various genres) that are offered by Dish TV DTH. Take this for an example: several channels under the umbrella of PTC Punjabi are available for subscription at affordable prices. All of the Punjabi-language speakers and listeners can subscribe to these channels right away.

Here are some of the best Punjabi-language services that all of the viewers and enthusiasts of the Punjabi Language can subscribe to with Dish TV:

Punjabi Active

Punjabi Active is one of the most popular services for the enthusiasts of Punjabi-language films, songs and devotional music. If you are fond of watching the best Punjabi movies on your TV sets in full HD picture quality and surround sound, then here is a service that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Also, the viewers can tune into Gurbani (devotional music) to kick start their day. All those who wish to rediscover peace and piousness can give the devotional programs available for streaming with the ‘Punjabi Active’ service a try. All of this is made available for streaming at just INR 1.3/a day. So, it can easily be said that Dish TV DTH is one of the most pocket-friendly TV services in India.

Punjabi HD Channels Across Genres

There are several Punjabi-language channels for the viewers to check out on their TV sets with Dish TV DTH. PTC Chakde, for instance, is a popular channel, that the viewers can subscribe to without any cost. PTC chakde is a free-to-air music channels in the Punjabi language. Similarly, there are other channels available for streaming in Punjabi (across a wide range of genres and sub-genres). PTC Simran and PTC Punjabi are two of the best channels for the viewers to check out both of these channels.

Listen to Punjabi Songs on Music Active

Music, both devotional and independent, is available for streaming on a brand-new Dish TV DTH connection. The likes of 9X Tashan, MH1 Music, PTC Chakde, etc. are available for streaming on the app. Also, several channels, such as PTC Chakde, are available for streaming free of cost.

Channels in Other North Indian Languages are Also Available

Apart from Punjabi, HD TV channels are also available in Haryanvi, Hindi, Kashmiri, etc. So, it can easily be said that Dish TV DTH has all of the best HD channels in various north Indian languages for the viewers to check out on their TV sets.

Dish TV’s Language-Oriented Services are Awesome

Plus, language-oriented services in various South Indian languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada, are available for streaming with Dish TV DTH. All in all, there is a lot of stuff for the viewers to check out on their TV sets if they have access to Dish TV’s ‘Active’

services. Do make it a point to check out all of these interactive ‘Active’ services.

Dish TV DTH is one of the most popular HD channel streaming services in India. All those who are fond of Indian regional channels and international infotainment channels can give this DTH service a try right away.

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