types of engine oil

Different Types of Engine Oils You Must Know About

There are several engine oils in the market. At times, it gets hard to choose an engine oil for a car because the way they are branded makes it look like they are good for any car engine. However, you will find that every engine has a type of oil that works for it. There are car engines, tractor engines, truck engines and even motorcycle engines. A two wheeler engine oil may not perform well in a four wheeler and vice versa. It all comes down to identifying the kind of oil that is best for your engine and sticking to it.

types of engine oil

Engine oils play very important roles in cars. One of the main advantages of motor oils is that they keep the engine going by preventing friction which could end up damaging some of the vital engine parts and render it damaged. For you to understand the kind or type of engine you should use, it is good to first familiarize with the different types of motor oil that exist. From there, you won’t have problems choosing the best motorcycle engine oil or oil for diesel tractor engines.

This guide has listed the different types of engine oils, so read on ahead and be informed.

Various types of engine oil

These are the various types of engine oil you should familiarize with:

  • The fully synthetic engine oil. This type of oil is made through artificial methods. They are made in the labs and are the most recommended for their efficiency in a variety of engines. It is easy to identify if engine oil is fully synthetic because of how they are branded “Fully Synthetic”. You can expect less oil changes with this kind of engine oil because of its resilience against degrading. It may be a bit expensive when compared to regular oil, but it is worth it in terms of enhancing the car engine’s performance.
  • Conventional/regular engine oil. This is a cheaper version of engine oil compared to fully synthetic oil. This oil which is originally in crude oil form is refined in a factory where it is added some additives in bid to improve its viscosity. It however requires constant oil change because its protective properties aren’t as efficient as those of full synthetic oil. It has some naturally occurring residues that may not be friendly to the engine if oil changes are not made timely. It is however an overall budget-friendly type of engine oil you could use for your car.
  • Synthetic blend engine oil. This kind of engine oil can be explained as a combination of both regular and fully synthetic oil. It is expensive compared to conventional oil but not as expensive as fully synthetic one. They also don’t need constant oil changes as much as is the case for conventional oil. If you are looking for synthetic oil for cars, you can opt for this blended type, or the fully synthetic type. Whichever you decide to go for, it all depends with the one that treats your engine well.
  • High-mileage oil. This type of engine oil is in its own category. It is engine oil which is categorically for cars that go for 75,000 miles. It contains a mixture of additives designed to provide protection to the engine seals. They help greatly in reducing oil consumption and prolonging the lifespan of an engine.

In conclusion, for you to understand the kind of engine oil that would be the best for your car, you will need to consider a number of things such as your driving style and the type of your car. After choosing the oil of your car’s type, you should adhere to the instructions of use to avoid damaging your engine.

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