Difference between CPL Course and PPL Course

Aviation has become a new career attraction for the youth. There is also a massive demand in the field of aviation, and many job opportunities are available within the industry. Commercial pilot license (CPL) and private pilot license (PPL) are the licenses one needs to earn if they choose to become a pilot. Even though both the licenses are for pilots, their nature and purpose differ to a great extent.

CPL course

A Commercial Pilot License is one that is earned after completion of training in aircraft flying. The license gives one the authority to fly a commercial aircraft as pilot in-charge. He/she can fly an aircraft solo or as a co-pilot in a multi-pilot plane. Such a pilot is given a salary for his services. Those people who want a CPL will have to undergo intense training of a minimum of 200 hours of flight log time. The training will be done through a single-engine or multi-engine aircraft.

Candidates need to meet standard criteria for educational qualifications to be eligible for the license. A candidate must be a class twelve pass from a reputed institution with Mathematics and Physics as compulsory subjects. The candidate must be 17 years old or older during the training period and should be medically fit as per board standards. The individual needs to be able to speak, read, and write in English. A CPL candidate must be a PPL holder. A CPL holder can then seek job opportunities in any commercial airline or charter company.

PPL Course

A Private Pilot License is another pilot license given to aspirants of aircraft flying. However, the license is given only to the pilots in non-commercial aircraft. Such a license is suitable for those pilots who like to fly a plane as a hobby, or for those people who own private planes.

Such a pilot is not paid for flying an aircraft since he flies for recreational purposes. Such a candidate needs to undergo a minimum of 40 hours of flight and also earn a qualification in an examination carried out by DGCA. A candidate needs to fulfill standard criteria for educational qualification for being eligible for the license. He needs to be at least a 10th pass and have Mathematics and Physics as the main subjects. The minimum age for such a license is slightly lower than that for a CPL license. The candidate needs to be at least 16 years of age. He also needs to meet the medical fitness as per standard rules.

Key differences between a CPL course and a PPL course

  • A CPL is a license given to those pilots who wish to have a career as a pilot for commercial airlines. A PPL is given to those pilots who want to fly personal aircraft for recreation.
  • A person who holds a CPL has to have a PPL. However, PPL can be obtained directly.
  • A CPL can be earned by only those candidates who are a 12th pass and are at least 17 years of age. A PPL can be obtained by candidates who are 10th pass and are at least 16 years of age.

So, which type of license do you want to earn?

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