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Swat Aside All Your Dating Deliriums with These Couple-Friendly Places Near Gurgaon

Romantic couples can now make their way to Gurgaon in order to spend some quality time with each other. Gurgaon has a bunch of exciting couple-friendly places that can be tried out by both married and unmarried couples. It goes without saying that Gurgaon is a commercial hub, but there are various places in the vicinity that can be checked out by tourists near Gurgaon. If the idea is to embark on a romantic getaway, then there is a host of exciting destinations that can be checked out by couples. Do make it certain to book hotels in Gurgaon as soon as possible because Gurgaon is a crowded city and finding 11th-hour accommodations can be a tough ask.

Hotels in Gurgaon are available for bookings, and can be checked out by going online. However, it is advisable to move fast to get hotels booked before the weekend gets underway. Those wondering how to travel to Gurgaon from Delhi need to travel along NH 48. The distance is somewhere around 45 km, which means one can easily reach Gurgaon from Delhi.

Here are some exciting places near Gurgaon for couples to travel to during the weekend:


The land of Greater Gurgaon is the ideal destination for all those looking to find an escape from the busy city life. Located at a distance of just 25 km from Gurgaon, the place offers visual delight to the visitors. It is one of those places that lie in close proximity to the Aravalli Ranges. If the idea is to spend a quiet day with your beloved, then Sohna is a great place to travel to. Do book hotels in Gurgaon near Sohna to experience serenity and silence like never before. The hilly terrains of Sohna make it one of the most popular places to visit near Gurgaon.

Damdama Lake

One of the most beautiful places in Gurgaon, Damdama Lake is located at a distance of 25 km from Gurgaon. The Aravalli Hills provide a mesmerising backdrop and offer ample visual respite to people. Boating is a popular attraction near the lake. Also, film screenings are held near the lake, which means all those wanting to materialise a romantic movie date by the lake can do so with ease. Go for budget hotels in Gurgaon to enjoy a memorable trip with the ones you love and do not forget to get yourself clicked. It is one of the ideal places for top sightseeing in Gurgaon.


The Neemrana Fort is a popular destination for couples who want to step away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The palace is one of the major attractions in the area and offers tourists an opportunity. The place offers ample quietness to romantic couples (for them to spend some time together). If Rajput culture and royalty is something that ends up sparking the flames of desire within you, then Neemrana Fort is the best place to travel to from Gurgaon.

Lohagarh Farms

Lohagarh Farms offer people an opportunity to enjoy and embrace the beauty that nature has in store for all of us. It offers an exciting range of activities for people to try out. Commando Crawl is a popular thing to undertake for men while women prefer an immensely soothing head massage. Play games and fly kites in Lohargarh to enjoy a hearty time with those who matter to you. Also, do not forget to get budget hotels in Gurgaon booked as soon as you hatch a plan to visit the place. Do make it a point to witness the pottery session that is held quite regularly at Lohagarh Farms. Moreover, rope ladder activities are also quite popular in the region. The best hotels in Gurgaon are found near Lohagarh Farms.


Some of the best places to travel to are located near Garmukhteshwar. It is located in Uttar Pradesh but lies at a distance of just 125 km from Gurgaon. The place is known for all of the various local eateries that it houses, including the very popular Garh Food Plaza.

Corbett National Park

Greenery and serenity are the two major takeaways for people to look forward to @ Corbett National Park. The place is surrounded by greenery and offers peace and tranquillity in abundance to the visitors. If wildlife is your first love, then you can definitely give this wildlife reserve a try. Also, you might as well come across the Royal Bengal Tiger if you are lucky enough. The place happens to be the ideal getaway for couples who want to spend some quality time together (away from the noise and chaos of the big city). Hotels in Gurgaon can be booked with ease before you make your way to the national park.

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