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How to Clean Faux Leather bag & Take Care of It

Vegan bags are considered a luxury these days as top-notch fashion designers are investing in them, giving people a fashionable, yet eco-friendly, option to real leather. But some people are generally concerned about how long these non-leather bags are likely to last. The thing is faux leather bags can hold their shape for a long time if you care for them properly. Genuine care shields the vegan leather from drying out and breaking while protecting it from extreme moistness that can mould the bag or force its skin to swell up.

Taking care of man-made leather isn’t an easy task. Faux leather care demands an ample amount of dedication from the buyer’s end. So, if you’re wondering how to clean faux leather bag, use the tips and tricks given below to maintain the durability of faux leather.

Before & after use of vegan leather purse

Faux leather care begins with everyday use. To keep your faux leather purse clean, apply a layer of cream or wax on its surface. This leather purse cleaner adds a layer of protection to the bag’s finishing, hence repelling shallow scratches and scrapes. Pick a cream containing normal wax; it gives a rich look and works as a deterrent against dirt and dampness. Whenever you use your bag, make it a rule to reapply cream or oil at ordinary stretches.

How to Clean Faux Leather Bags & Purses

The process of washing leather is more complex than it sounds. Faux leather purses must be cleaned in a specific manner so that the cleaning process doesn’t facilitate their drying. The given procedure must be used to clean faux leather wallets and purses.

  1. Mix a cleaner with water to create a soapy mixture. Always use mild leather purse cleaners to clean a faux leather bag.
  2. Now, use a microfiber cloth to apply this mixture on to your faux leather purse. Microfibre is used because of its non-abrasive properties.
  3. For testing, apply this mixture on the interior lining of the bag. Before using the mixture to remove stains, check for discolouration.
  4. To clean leather wallets and bags, use the cloth and gently wash the stain. If the stain is particularly nasty and doesn’t come off easily, apply vinegar instead of soap. Vinegar won’t just remove the stain but also get rid of bad odours.
  5. Don’t move the bag until it’s completely dry. If you use the clean leather wallet or purse before it dries, bacteria or fungus might grow on the surface.

Washing leather regularly will help in maintaining its shine and newness. If you don’t clean your faux leather bag, it will start looking old within weeks of purchase.

Storage of vegan leather

Keep your bag’s shape intact, stuff butter paper in it when not in use, pack it away in its special box and seal it with silica gel, so that your bag doesn’t get moist. Try not to utilise the newspaper as the print on it can rub off. A good tip is to condition, fill, and store your non-leather handbag when you take some time off. Just give it some treatment with a vegan leather cream before keeping it into its dust cover until you use the bag again.

Extra Tips and Tricks
  • Keep your beauty care items in a vanity, with the objective that when the front of your lipstick tumbles off, or blusher pours out, it doesn’t harm your bag.
  • For instance, every one of your things, pens, antiperspirants, and cologne should be stowed away in an alternate sack. For sure, even the most secure pen top will, in the end, wriggle off, spilling a way of blue or dull ink spots.
  • Handle vegan purses and wallets with clean hands, since they are vulnerable against oil.
  • Wipe the outside of the purse with gentle cotton cloth, be careful so as not to use too much water since it requires time to dry.

In conclusion, there is no denying that taking care of man-made leather bags is extremely difficult. But by taking all the steps that we have mentioned, you can keep your non-leather bags as good as new. We hope our article on faux leather care was helpful and you picked up valuable tips from it.

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