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How Corporate Social Activities Can Help Preserve the Local Environment?

Individuals and corporates need to take care of the environment. We are experiencing the worst environmental crisis in the history of mankind. From species extinction to ozone depletion to climate change, everything is leading to a catastrophic situation. Major corporates are collaborating with local NGOs to combat the effects of climate change and other environmental […]

Commercial Office Space Real Estate

How to Promote an Employee-friendly Office Culture for Better Productivity?

Office environment plays a pivotal role in the creativity and productivity of the employees. You can create an office culture that does this by re-aligning your values and mission.If you are a looking for commercial office in Gurgaon, check out Candor TechSpace in Sector 48. All their buildings are sustainable with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities.Candor […]

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Commercial Office Space Real Estate

Top 5 Cities to Book Your Commercial Office Space for Rent in 2021

Special Economic Zones are getting special attention in India owing to the subsidies and other benefits. New start-ups are looking for commercial office spaces in SEZs in India. Check out these cities Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai for commercial office space for rent. These cities have better potential for business and commerce. The Government […]

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Commercial Office Space Real Estate

Environment-Focused CSR Initiatives for MSE Organizations

Every organization should actively participate in corporate social responsibility targeted towards the environment. Our environment is greatly polluted and experiences some critical challenges. The major environmental issues in our world now are: Ocean pollution Air pollution Plastic pollution Climate change Corporates can make a big impact by protecting our environment and preserving local biodiversity. Organizations […]

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Lighting Ideas for Your Newly Built Building

  Lighting your homes better than the competitors is common sense. Your purchasers’ comfort, well-being, and general satisfaction are too imperative to consider leaving to the electrician in the field. However, tragically, terrible lighting is the norm since code requires just absolute minimums. Adjusting to that helpless norm, in any case, is a mistake. What’s […]