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Budget-friendly Home Décor Tips to Usher in Spring

The advantages of having a minimalist home, is that you can design it according to seasons. It is time to remove the holiday décor and add some refreshing touch. Spring/summer is a great season to give your home a fresh new makeover. Check out these tips to usher in the new season for your home:

  • Vibrant colors

Spring is the perfect season to add a splash of color to the walls. Choose pastel shades like pale pink, blush peach, lilac, faded yellow, beige, fresh green, lilac, or soft aqua. These colors will add a fresh tone to your home or any office for lease in Gurgaon.

  • Paintings

Replace monochrome and abstract paintings with refreshing floral artwork. Consider an oversized peony or a still life painting of spring roses.

  • Fragrant Blossoms

Spring is the time when the nature suddenly bursts into colorful blooms. Put some bougainvillea in a jute vase or a ceramic pot. Plants like lemon and spring herbs like mint, basil, rosemary are a great addition to your garden. Add fresh flowers like peonies, gladiolus, daisy and hydrangea. You can also add some spring plants in an office space for rent in Noida.

  • Coastal Colors

Colors of the ocean are a great way to decorate your house during the spring. Add some coastal blue cushions on your sofa. Keep a pale green throw on the bed. Place a statement rug in sand and ocean shades. You can also add some seashells in a bowl with some fragrant potpourri.

  • Sheer Transparent Curtains

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sparkly sunshine peaking in through sheers on a spring morning. Replace heavy curtains with soft color long sheer curtains. Let the sunshine stream-in to add an extra bit of warmth to the place.

  • Eco-friendly Items

This is a great time to get some jute baskets, bamboo stools, terracotta, jute rugs in your home. Sustainable décor is best for a minimalist style. Visit your local eco-friendly décor store to get sustainable furniture.

  • Textured Wallpaper

Revamp your living space or foyer area with some floral wallpapers for the spring. Choose patterns like cherry blossoms, hydrangea and palm leaves.

  • Bring in the Citrusy

Switch to refreshing aromas during this season. Use essential oil or scented candles for long-lasting aroma. Choose clean aromas like citrus, zingy lemon, relaxing lavender or fresh-cut grass.

  • Linens

Bring in the linen bedcovers, cushion covers and tablecloths during the summer. Choose linen bedsheets rather than satin sheets for the hot summer months.

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