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Best of K-Dramas on Watcho for Weekend Watching

The K-dramas available for streaming on the Watcho app are all available for viewing in Hindi. This means you will not be required to read the subtitles while enjoying your favourite pieces of South Korean video content. There is never a dearth of exciting and interesting content for the viewers to look forward to on the Watcho app. All those who wish to give the regular Bollywood stuff a break need to check out the best Korean dramas available for streaming on this OTT app.

The good thing is: there are several new and exciting Korean dramas that the viewers can tune into on the Watcho app at 3 pm daily. This means you will have ample content to watch on your smartphone screen if you have this OTT platform at your disposal.

Here are some of the best Korean dramas that are available for streaming on Watcho:

Emergency Couple

‘Emergency Couple’ is the best romantic-comedy show that you can stream on the Watcho app. The show is about a married couple that plans on filing for a divorce. They seem to have lost all love for each other. A few years later, they get to meet each other yet again when they start interning at the ER.  This original web series in Hindi is a must-watch for you if you are a fan of new and exciting romantic-comedy shows. Watch all 42 episodes of the show on Watcho.

When I Was the Most Beautiful

‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ is the story of a young man who falls in love with a woman. However, the woman gets married to the man’s brother. Therefore, our dear hero is forced to curtail his feelings for the woman of his dreams. When his brother (the girl’s husband) disappears into thin air, our dear hero’s feelings for the lady he loves begin returning. Watch this popular show on the Watcho app and get ready to enjoy a great time at home.

Please Don’t Date Him

‘Please Don’t Date Him’ is the story of an appliance manufacturer who plans on developing a smart chip for her refrigerator. However, the chip she is developing gets interchanged with a highly-intelligent chip created by the country’s defence establishment. Watch this long and elaborate web series on Watcho right now if you are in the mood to watch a rocking and thrilling k-drama on your smartphone screens. Do also check out the other pieces of content available for streaming on the Watcho app right now if you have ample time at your disposal.

Welcome2 Life

‘Welcome2 Life’ is a Korean show that is high on drama and twists. A corrupt lawyer gets teleported to a parallel universe, wherein he is required to work as a prosecutor. All those who have a liking for new and interesting shows on OTT should definitely give this series a try. There are 32 episodes that you will get to watch when you start streaming this show on your smartphone. Stream it right now if you have time at hand and get ready explore the beauty of online content.  Also, do check out the other original web series in Hindi available for watching on Watcho right now.

The Watcho app is the best OTT app for all those who want to watch Indian and international content on their smartphone screens. If you are a fan of new and exciting Indie songs, then you can check this app out as well.  There are several unique and interesting live TV channels that can also be streamed on this OTT app.

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