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Best Movies to Watch on Dish Wi-Fi box if Your Vacation is Cancelled

All the adventure lovers are missing all the trekking, hiking, and other things. The nature lovers are having a challenging time with all the travel plans cancelled. You can still make plans that won’t be cancelled. Like watching a good adventure movie at home with your loved ones. Set up your dish wi-fi box with your smartphone. Dish TV is the best DTH connection in India. Get a new Dish TV connection that comes with a smart set-top box. To watch your favourite programmes in high definition, get DishNXT HD box:

Jurassic Park Series

Kids and adults love the Jurassic Park movie sequels. Even though there were many sequels released, the original one remains a classic. It showcases a scientist who went about developing the extinct dinosaurs through DNA obtained from fossilized blood. Enjoy this movie in channels like star movies and other channels. The latest sequels of Jurassic park can be enjoyed in 3D and 4D settings.

Deep Blue Sea

A group of scientists goes on a quest to the depths of the blue ocean to hunt for the antidote to Alzheimer’s disease. The scientists prove that a serum extracted from the brain of a shark is helping Alzheimer’s patients. Watch this thrilling underwater adventure with gigantic sharks roaming around the people researching on these creatures. This movie is a thrilling adventure movie dealing with the most dangerous fish in the oceans, the great white shark.

James Bond Series

James Bond movies are filled with thrilling adventure and entertainment. The movies are based on bestselling action novels. The story of James Bond, a British spy involved in different missions across the world. It is a usual plot of action, adventure, and drama shot at spectacular locations all around the world. The latest James Bond movie that was released worldwide is Specter. The world is awaiting the next movie to be released in the James Bond sequel.

Indiana Jones Series 

The series of Indiana Jones movies based on the adventures of an archaeologist. The movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark, followed by Indiana Jones and the temple of the doom. The sequels are Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the kingdom of a crystal skull. These movies are directed by the talented filmmaker Steven Spielberg. If you like adventure, excavations, traveling to new places, watch the Indiana Jones series.

These are some of the amazing movies to enjoy at home. While watching these movies you can also plan your next adventure trip.


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