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Best Home Office Décor Ideas for Freelancers & Self-Employed

In the modern era, many of us choose to work from home daily. While there are many advantages to working from home, there are certain disadvantages too. A home office should inspire creativity and productivity. Couch or bed is not the ideal place to work, so we need a workstation for the same. A messy workspace decreases productivity. An ideal home office space that is practical, ergonomic, clean and comfortable. Consider these incredible home office décor ideas:

Paint it Up

Create an accent wall in your workspace. If the paint of your house is a pastel color, paint the work area in bold and darker shades. Blackish grey is a great color to set the tone for a monochromatic décor. To complement the color, add furniture in black with brass accents.

Get Creative

If you live in a smaller space, it can be difficult to have a formal office. Get creative with your office space with accent lighting. Place your desk around a window. Choose small and multifunctional furniture. A desk with storage cabinets is great for storing documents, files, stationery, etc.BRUTALIST accent lighting

Make it Minimalist

A minimalist office is a simple and efficient space devoid of clutter. Choose furniture, décor items, and lighting that are simple and contemporary. To add a modern touch to your office space, choose a geometric pattern rug, lacquer desk, and sleek lighting.

Open Shelving

Open shelves can help you stay organized. You can get creative and color coordinate your files, documents, and books to keep on these shelves.

Calm Aesthetic

Incorporate décor in shades of white, neutral and blue to accentuate a calm aesthetic in your office space. You can add aqua color cushions or a rug in shades of ocean blue. Add furniture in shades of white, blue and olive green.

Go Green

Placing some palms, bonsai, jade, and other plants can add a touch a freshness to your office. You can add a few succulents on your desk or fresh flowers in a ceramic flower vase. Add jute baskets to place office stationery, paper, etc. Consider eco-friendly home décor items for the office space.

Conceal Exposed Clutter

Clutter can make your space look smaller and unclean. You can conceal any clutter with a satin curtain to give a cleaner look. Use a curtain matching the color theme of your office.

Artsy Elegance

Whether it’s an abstract piece or a masterpiece by Claude Monet, a painting adds an elegant touch to your space. You can also create your painting and get it framed.

Use these expert tips to design your very own home office. Ultimately, the design should inspire optimum productivity and functionality.


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