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Best Action-Oriented Shows to Watch on OTT in 2022

There is always something fresh and unique for the viewers and the audience to watch if they have an undying taste for action-thriller shows. If you are fond of action-thriller shows, then there are several OTT platforms, including the ever-popular Watcho app, that contain some of the best action-thriller and suspense-thriller shows for the viewers to watch. This app is tailor-made for all those who want to turn their life into something happening and exciting.

Fortunately, there are several unique and interesting web shows in Hindi that the viewers will be able to tune into if they wish to watch something exciting and packed with power. To begin with, the viewers can watch ‘4 Thieves’, which is one of the top heist-thriller shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. Similarly, all other OTT platforms also contain intriguing web shows for the viewers to watch on their smartphones.

Here are some of the top action-thriller web shows that you will enjoy watching on your smartphone:

‘Sarhad’ (on the Watcho App)

‘Sarhad’ is a 7-part web show that you will enjoy watching if you want to watch something that hovers around national security. A dreaded terrorist gets caught along the LoC. However, his capture is just the tip of the iceberg because there are several other sinister subplots at play. The intelligence officer interrogating the terrorist realizes that the terrorist’s capture is just a small part of a million-dollar plan. Watch ‘Sarhad’ on the Watcho app and get ready to enjoy the time of your life. All of the viewers will be able to watch this show in just a day or two (max) because the first season of ‘Sarhad’ contains just seven (7) episodes. Watch this show without wasting even a single minute because ‘Sarhad’ is too good a show to miss out on.


‘Candy’ is a Voot original that stars Richa Chaddha and Ronit Roy in pivotal roles. The web show is set in the freezing hills of North India. The first season of this show consists of eight (8) episodes. If you are fond of shows that deals with murders (and similar crimes), then do watch ‘Candy’ without wasting time. Both Richa Chaddha and Ronit Roy end up infusing a great deal of power in the show, thanks in part to their sincere and honest performances. Also, this show will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats right from the word go. Watch this Indian web series online without wasting time because it is one of the best thriller shows for the viewers to watch. Give it a try right away.

‘Aarya’ (on Hotstar)

‘Aarya’ is one of the best Indian web series online that you can watch on your smartphone. All fans of Sushmita Sen will enjoy watching this show because the show stars her in a powerful and impactful role. There are two (2) seasons of this show that the viewers will be able to watch on their smartphones. A married woman decides to protect her family against the drug mafia after her husband is shot dead outside his residence by a bunch of unknown assailants. The show is one of the top shows of 2021-22. You will also get to watch other similar shows on your smartphone once you start surfing through all of top OTT platforms.

‘Aghaat’ (on the Watcho App)

‘Aghaat’ is a 5-part web series that deals with the menace caused by the sleeper cell agents in Australia. Things start heating up when a sleeper cell unit gets activated by a notorious terror outfit. However, some innocent Muslims get caught up in the mess because of their names, religious practices and beliefs. All those who have a taste for original web shows dealing with terrorism and struggle, then do watch this show on the Watcho app without wasting time.

Bhaukaal (on MX Player)

‘Bhaukaal’ deals with the adventures of Naveen Sikhera, a battle-hardened cop who gets transferred to Muzaffarnagar, the crime capital of Uttar Pradesh.  The area is infested with crime (and criminals).  The Dhedha brothers and the Shaukeen Gang are two rival factions (gangs) in Muzaffarnagar. However, SSP Naveen (Mohit Raina) decides to fight the menace. There are a couple of seasons of ‘Bhaukaal’ that you should watch without fail on your smartphone. Mohit Raina and Abhimanyu Singh deliver exceptional performances in the first season of ‘Bhaukaal’. It is one of the best Indian web series online that you can watch in order to keep yourself busy and entertained in the long run.

Download the Watcho app to enjoy the best Indian web shows, short films and a whole lot more on your smartphone screens from the comfort of your favourite couch and/or bean bag. If you are fond of original pieces of video content, then the Watcho app is the ideal OTT platform for you.

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