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7 Ways to Boost Collaborative Office Culture Among Your Employees

Every office has a unique workspace culture that influences productivity and creativity. No matter what your business is, a collaborative culture is the best.

If you are a looking for commercial place for rent check out Candor TechSpace in Rajarhat, New Town. Candor TechSpace commercial space for rent offers sustainable buildings with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Candor TechSpace offers corporate spaces in IT park in Gurgaon sector 48. Looking for some creative ways to reinforce a collaborative workspace? Check out these effective tips:

Flexible Seating

Nowadays, offices offer flexible seating for their employees. Designated seating has a few drawbacks like lack of communication among employees. Flexible seating and workstations help to create a comfortable workspace for employees. This kind of set-up is more prevalent in start-ups offices. The employee can choose a space to work as per his/her preference. Along with ergonomic chairs, get some bean bags, and couches to encourage collaboration in the IT park in Gurgaon sector 48.

Latest Technology

High-end technology is crucial to a modern office space in commercial office space in Gurgaon. Incorporating smart gadgets and devices can enable your employees to work smarter and faster. Equip your office with a projection screen, wireless charging ports, smartboards, convenience kiosk, etc. Also, add a security measure for all the smart gadgets in your commercial space for rent.

Inspiring Ambiance

Using nature-inspired designs are always great. Offices are incorporating elements of nature in their workspace. For example, creating overhead skylights allows sunshine and natural lighting to stream indoors. Glass panels with flexible curtains are also a great idea. Indoor plants, fountains, waterfall are some ways to add a bit of natural setting to any commercial space for rent. Allow the employees to get their pets once a month for a fun day at the office.

State-of-the-art Meeting Rooms

Innovative meeting rooms can help teams to brainstorm ideas and collaborate on shared projects. Instead of individual desks, these communal meeting rooms facilitate employee bonding, group learning, and team building. Compact meeting spaces with comfortable seating for three to four people provide an ideal set-up.

Private Workstations

Privacy-friendly workstations are helpful in case of small meetings, e-mails, and feedback sessions. Even though there’s growing popularity of open spaces and flexible layouts, there is a need for private workspaces. Small private workstations can be custom made is an ‘S’ shape to accommodate two people on opposite ends. These workstations are crucial for skype meetings, conference calls, and confidential e-mails.

Fitness Activities

Along with health insurance, promote employee fitness by issuing local gym memberships. If there’s a gym in the office campus, encourage the employees to come early and workout before work.

Networking Zone

Social hubs are a brilliant way to empower teamwork, collaboration, and bonding. You can add bean bags, chaise lounges in the social hubs to add a more casual feel to the set-up. You can also keep some snacks and beverages in small baskets in the hubs. This area will serve as an informal set-up for the employees to socialize with each other in an office space.

You can incorporate these tips to boost productivity, creativity, and performance in your corporate office space for rent.

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