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7 Tested Best Productivity Hacks to Stay Focussed on Job

Getting distracted while working is probably the easiest thing and overcoming that is hard. Whether it’s your co-worker’s conversation over your head or someone’s music or even your phone’s notification; there are days when it gets nearly impossible to stay focussed and calm.

Specially now when most of you working in offices based out of commercial space for rent in Gurgaon or Noida, it gets all the more important to stay calm and productive. Here’s a compilation of best productivity hacks for the productive day at work:

1.Finish Small Staff Stat
There is a thumb rule that if a task can be completed in two-three minutes, do it right away. If you keep postponing or procrastinating, it gets into snowball effect and the thinks keep accumulating. It then gets harder to concentrate on any task on your to-do list and thus hampers productivity. Whether it’s sending an email, replying to a message or even making minor edits to a ppt, do it right away.

2.Stay Away From your Phone
The temptation to check into your smartphone notifications, replying to non-urgent calls and messages, and social media is addictive and it certainly distracts oneself from the productive work. What works here is that keep your phone in a drawer or your bag and only take it out between breaks or at lunchtime to have your personal space.

3.Set Up a To-do List
Making a daily and weekly task list is extremely important to have a scheduled day. Whatever tasks you decide to put up on the list has to be categorized as time-sensitive, most important, and least desirable. Make sure your everyday to-do list has top 5 tasks from all the categories.
When planning your day, if you’re feeling low on energy, try begin with a least desirable task and accomplish it. That sense of achievement will gear you up for the important tasks ahead and will help you stay productive.

4.Listen to Some Music
In open office spaces like Candor TechSpace’s IT park in Gurgaon sector 48, there are lesser cubicles and more open workstations. While it’s easier getting distracted in such spaces by conversations around, they also help boost productivity. Some soft, ambient music always comes in handy in such situations. Plug into your earphones and travel in your own world while also staying focused on the work at hand. Musical therapy always helps in staying productive.

5.Indulge in Some Physical Exercise at Work
For 8-9 hours of your work shift every day, it is very important to keep moving for a few minutes in between work. Sitting for longer hours can make your body inflexible and also leads to muscle aches and cramps when you suddenly get up.

To avoid such situations, take a 5-minute break after every 60 minutes and get to the nearest water cooler for a refill, get your own coffee, chat with a fellow employee for some time, and more. You’ll actually end up feeling more refreshed and productive after the break.

6.Reward yourself for Smaller Things Too
Set up smaller milestones for yourself and don’t forget to reward yourself when they’re done. For example, if you intend to finish a task in two hours, attach it to a reward like getting yourself a snack after the job is done. This way there is always a reward waiting at the other end that pushes you to accomplish the plan.

7.Organize Based on Hourly Model
If you’re one of those who get distracted at the drop of a hat, we suggest you get yourself sorted right in the morning itself. Get your pen, paper, phone, tissues, hot water, coffee bags, and set up your desk to optimal working throughout the day. This will make sure your 5-minute breaks stay intact for the intended time and don’t turn into long escapades.

These best productivity hacks are tested and tried by many professionals to make space in this write-up. These small but important productivity hacks actually go a long way in making sure that you are always focussed at work with minimum distractions.

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