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7 Monsoon Travel Essentials to Add to Your Travel Checklist Right Now

Travel is such an exciting exercise, isn’t it? If you love to explore the unexplored, then travel is tailor-made for you. Also, if the idea is to spend a day out of doors, then make it a point to get all the bookings done well in advance. Also, carry a good deal of electrolytes to keep yourself hydrated if and when travelling to the driest parts of India, many of which are located in Rajasthan.

However, the Monsoon is about to make its presence felt in the country and it’d be better if you plan on packing your bags (for a trip) accordingly. It goes without saying that it rains differently in different parts of the country. Take this for an example: Cherrapunji witnesses a much higher rainfall than some of the states in western India, particularly Gujarat and Rajasthan). So, if you are planning to travel to Gujarat this summer, then do get your hotels in Ahmedabad (or any other city within Gujarat) booked as soon as you possibly can. Also, go for sanitised rooms in order to keep all major infections and diseases at bay.

All those who plan on travelling during the great Indian monsoon need to keep in mind a set of things. To begin with, they need to keep track of the weather reports, as flights in various parts of the country might get delayed if the downpour is heavy. It goes without saying that you need to be an informed traveller. Also, do make a list of travel essentials that you think you’d need whilst travelling during the Monsoon:

Waterproofing is the Way to Go

Take this as the first step and follow it without fail. All those who want to stay dry and comfortable during the Monsoon need to carry a bunch of lifesavers. To begin with, carry a raincoat. Well, no matter how obvious it might sound, but raincoats do go a long way in making your life easier and simpler when it gets wet (and is expected to get wetter). If you are travelling to a city that experiences heavy rainfall, say Mumbai, do make it certain to get hotels in Mumbai booked well in advance. Searching for a hotel after the heavens have opened up is not a good idea. An umbrella is just a prerequisite. Talking of Mumbai, the Juhu Beach offers people top sightseeing in Mumbai.

A Hair Dryer is Your Best Buddy

Female travellers would be well aware of the perks of carrying a hairdryer during the Monsoon. It does rain quite heavily in certain parts of India, such as Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, etc. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to any of these places, do make it a point to carry a hairdryer. Also, remember to book budget hotels in Mumbai beforehand if you’re planning to pay the financial capital of Delhi a visit.

Even Your Gadgets Would Need Waterproof Casing

A waterproof covering is needed even by the gadgets. If you are planning to carry a good amount of gadgets, right from your smartphone to your DLSR, everything needs waterproofing. Also, make it a point to carry power banks and chargers to make it possible for yourself to stay covered if and when you’re stuck in a heavy downpour. You don’t want your smartphone’s battery to die down at such critical junctures, do you? Similarly, clothes also need to be stored in bags that are waterproof. Even the pair of shoes you carry needs to be waterproof. Also, if you are planning to travel to a place as wet and moist (humid) as Chennai, then do remember to book the best hotels in Mumbai without fail.

Do Not Forget to Carry Mosquito Repellents

If you’re travelling to an area that is dominated by forest cover, then do make it a point to carry a good amount of mosquito repellents. Also, those wanting to camp in the woods need to keep mosquito repellents at hand as mosquitos tend to run berserk whenever they find expanses of green. Also, do carry a mosquito tent as it gets a bit too tough to keep mosquitos at bay during nighttime. You can book hotels in Wayanad near Kalpetta to enjoy the thrills and spills that forest covers bring along.

Carry Dry Snacks

Eating out happens to be quite an adventurous and soul-soothing experience. Those who live to eat would be well aware of the joys of eating out on the streets. Several places in India, such as Mumbai and Goa, experience heavy rainfall. Therefore, it is not safe at all to eat out when it’s raining. Carry cereals and oat bars to appease your tummies if and when you’re unable to find food whilst travelling. Also, book budget hotels in Mumbai without fail if you plan on visiting the state anytime soon.

A Flashlight 

A flashlight is needed if it begins to rain during nighttime. If you’re planning to visit a set of places that offer a dense and thick forest cover, say various parts of Kerala.

If you are planning to camp in the woods whilst travelling, you’d certainly need a flashlight with a set of spare batteries. Also, if you are wondering how to travel from Delhi to Kerala can check out the various flight schedules from Delhi to Kerala right away.

First-Aid Kits Can Come in Handy

Last, but certainly not least, you’d need to carry a first-aid kit along. Injuries can happen whilst undertaking a long and elaborate trip. Also, if you’re planning to travel to a destination that contains a largely uneven terrain, then make it a point to carry a first-aid kit without fail. The fact is: you need to keep all types and kinds of injuries at bay, or else they’d end up complicating your trip.

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