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7 Entertaining Active Service Packs to Subscribe on a New Dish TV Connection

When you are at home, you need good entertainment choices to watch on your TV. Instead of switching from one channel to another, why not get the channels that you want to watch on TV?

Introducing Dish TV Active Services, where you can subscribe to channel packs that you want to watch. When you get a new Dish TV connection, get a DishNXT HD set-top box. Watch your favourite channels with 5X better picture quality and 5.1 surround sound with a DishNXT HD connection. Looking for the best entertaining Active Service packs on Dish TV? Check these seven Active Service packs:

  • SongDew TV Active Service on a new Dish TV Connection

If you like music, subscribe to the SongDew TV Active Service starting at Rs. 0.60/- per day on your new Dish TV connection. Listen to new compositions by music makers and not filmmakers on the SongDew TV channel.

  • Shorts TV Active Service on a new Dish TV Connection

Go big on entertainment with Shorts TV Active Service on Dish TV DTH network. Subscribe to Shorts TV Active channel at an offer price of Rs. 4.2/- for the first 5 days. Once you’ve subscribed, you can enjoy Shorts TV Active on the Watcho App. Watch award-winning and Oscar-nominated short movies. Enjoy non-stop entertainment with 10000+ movies with ad-free Shorts TV Active service.

  • Evergreen Classics Active on a new Dish TV Connection

Watch the best of timeless classics on Evergreen Classics Active service on Dish TV network. Subscribe today at Rs. 1.3/- per day to watch movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Abhimaan, Sitaron Ka Karvan, etc. Celebrate the golden era of Bollywood with classic Hindi movies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Listen to the melodious songs by legendary singers with the ad-free Evergreen Classics Active service pack.

  • Movies Active Service on a new Dish TV Connection

Every movie lover should subscribe to the Movies Active Service on Dish TV at an offer price of Rs. 1/- per day. Catch blockbuster Bollywood movies at the comfort of your home. Watch the Sunday Movie Marathon with your entire family with this ad-free movie service.

  • Music Active Service

Groove the catchy musical numbers with Music Active Service on Dish TV network. Subscribe to this ad-free Music Active service Pack starting at Rs. 1.3/- per day. Enjoy over 20+ music channels playing the best of Bollywood hits, Indie-Pop music, and more with Music Active Service.

  • Dance Active Service

Learn dance from the best choreographers on Dance Active Service. Subscribe today to ad-free Dance Active Service at Rs. 1.3 /- per day. Dance and exercise your way to a healthier and fit life. Learn popular dance forms from expert choreographers. Enjoy special dance programs during any festivities on Dance Active Service.

  • Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service

Enjoy the best of music, laughter, and movie carnival with Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service Pack on Dish TV. Get a combo of five entertainment channels at an affordable rate of Rs. 2.8/- per day. Whether you want to watch timeless classic movies or laugh while watching a comedy TV series, or enjoy some trendy music, the Entertainment Dhamaka has it all!

Break the boredom and subscribe to these active service packs on Dish TV to enjoy non-stop entertainment. For a better entertainment experience in HD, get a Dish TV HD set-top box.

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