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7 Cocktail Recipes that You Can Make Under 30 Minutes

Whether or not, you are having guests over this season, it is always a good idea to keep a few cocktail recipes handy. Made with a few simple ingredients, these vodka-based cocktails taste delicious.

Stock up on a few bottles of Smoke Lab Classic which is one of the famous vodka brands in India. Check out these cocktail recipes that you can prepare within 30 minutes or less:

  1. Grapefruit & Rosemary Fizz

In a cocktail shaker, add 1 oz vodka, grapefruit juice, and raw honey in a shaker and shake until combined. Then pour the cocktail into a cocktail glass and top with Prosecco. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and serve this fruity cocktail cold. Use Smoke Lab Classic, which is one the famous vodka brands in India for this cocktail recipe.

2  Espresso Martini

Nothing’s like an espresso martini to serve to a coffee lover. Start by adding 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz Espresso, .75 oz Kahlua, ice cubes, in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain the cocktail into a martini glass and garnish with dark cocoa powder.

3  Apple Old Fashioned

To make this fruity cocktail recipe, begin with wetting the rim of brandy glass with a slice of apple. Dip the rim of the glass in cinnamon sugar and set it aside. Add one part Smoke vodka, one part Bourbon, and top it with sparkling apple cider. Garnish with a thin apple slice and a cinnamon stick. Check out smokelab wear, a unique and inclusive wear for everyone from the house of Smoke Lab Vodka.

4  Cranberry Vodka

In a large Mason jar, add orange slices, 1/4 cup cranberries, and 1/2 pod of vanilla. Then pour in Smoke Lab vodka, close the jar, and shake a bit. Refrigerate at least 24 hours and up to three days before making cocktails with this D-I-Y flavoured vodka. Use Smoke Lab Classic Vodka to make this flavoured recipe. Use Smoke Lab Classic vo dka in this recipe. Check out fashionable inclusive Smokelab wear from the house of Smoke Lab.

5  Boozy Pear Bellini

To make the Ginger pear syrup, start by adding water, honey, and ginger to a saucepan. Gently simmer for a few minutes until the honey is dissolved. Puree three pears in a blender and set aside. Add the ginger simple syrup and 1 tsp grated ginger and blend until smooth. Cool the puree completely by chilling it in the refrigerator. Add two tablespoons of the puree in two champagne flutes, top with 1 part vodka and 1 part Prosecco. Stir gently to combine and enjoy this unique flavoured cocktail.

6  Winter Mulled Wine

Make the regular mulled wine extra boozier by adding Smoke Lab Classic Vodka. In a saucepan, add 1 bottle of Pinot Noir, 2 Cinnamon Sticks, 1 orange wheel, 2-3 cloves, 1-star anise, and bring it to a gentle simmer. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup of Smoke Lab vodka. Sieve the cocktail into a pitcher. Garnish balloon wine glasses with orange slices and pour the mulled wine.

7  Margherita

Salt the rim of margherita glasses with coarse sea salt. Garnish with a lemon wedge. In a cocktail shaker, mix 1 oz tequila, 1 oz Smoke Lab Vodka, 1 oz fresh lime juice, and shake well. Strain the cocktail in prepared margherita glasses and enjoy.

You will enjoy making these cocktails and sharing it with your family and friends. For more cocktail inspirations, check out Smoke Lab website.

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