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6 Hindi Movies That Took Us on Nostalgia Trip with College & Hostel Life

I bet you ask anyone what their favourite phase in life has been and pat comes the answer ‘college and hostel days’. Don’t we all miss being in that time period when there were no jobs, no high school homework, no responsibilities and absolutely no stress, whatsoever. Days were filled with chatting with friends over multiple cups of teas and college canteen snacks and evenings were spent roaming around girls’ hostel.

This is what Bollywood has tried to imbibe on the screen with the way Hindi movies based on college life have shaped up. With such movies often even playing on your DTH connection at home, you can comfortably take a 3-hour break from your everyday stressful life and take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane filled with such pleasant incidents.

Here are some of the best Hindi movies ever made on college and hostel life that sends you warm feeling whenever you watch them at home on your DTH connection:

3 Idiots

This is one of those epic movies based on the life of engineering students and the hostel life. This movie has been aired on probably all leading DTH connections many times. The story revolves around the life of three friends Rancho, Raju and Farhan who have been pressurised and bogged down repeatedly by the prevalent education system in India that focusses more on cramming things without understanding them. The movie is all about fun, pranks, laughter, girls, and placements.

2 States

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they decide to get married – all seems well until their families meet at the convocation ceremony. Okay skipping their love story, let’s concentrate on their college life. There is unappealing hostel canteen’s food, romancing in the classrooms, group study in hostel, and festival celebrations happening inside. This movie, aired multiple times on your DTH connection, is a beautiful ode to the college and hostel life and brews between the friends and lovers there.

Rang De Basanti

This is one hell of a college-based movie that stirred possibly every emotion inside us. A story of thick college friends who never want college life to get over, however, are made to deal with life’s brutal reality when a friend’s fiancée dies due to a Government scam. Agonised by his death, the friends come down to the harsh ground and avenge his death by killing the culprit. Watch this cult movie on your DTH connection and know the feeling.

Student Of The Year

There is something lavish and over-the-top about this Karan Johar’s college-based drama movie but it’s a visual treat to watch for the sore eyes. Focussed more on the SOTY championship than the studies, the movie explores a typical love triangle when the girl falls for his boyfriend’s BFF. Things get murkier when both compete for the same SOTY title and the hearts race while predicting the winner. SOTY has been aired on most DTH connections many times, do catch it.

Wake Up Sid

Okay I know this isn’t a quintessential Hindi movie about hostel or college life but it’s definitely more relatable when it comes to dealing with the life’s confusions once the college life is over. Whether it’s about the college friendships falling apart over a girl or failing in exams or even being absolutely clueless about what to do after college; the movie is sure to evoke a myriad of emotions. Watch this warm and fuzzy movie on your DTH connection when it airs next.

Ishq Vishk

This is quite a classic Hindi movie about college life, friendships, and evergreen romance. Playing Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao in the lead roles, the film explores some messed-up college romances and relationships. A simple girl falls for the boy but the boy fancies being with the college’s hottest girl and end up dumping the one who loved him the most. What ensues is a series of regrets, broken friendships, and the reunion of all three. Watch it on your DTH connection and get all warm and fuzzy in love, yet again.

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