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6 Health Documentaries to Watch this World Health Day on DishNXT HD

Everyone is looking for expert tips to improve their health. With the World Health Day approaching on the 7th April, you can plan to watch some health documentaries and shows with your family.

If you are looking for the best health documentaries to watch on TV, check out these channels:

  • BBC Goodfood
  • TLC
  • FoxLife
  • Chanel 4

Watch these channels in HD with a Dish TV DTH connection. You can check out the DTH recharge plans on Dish TV website.  Get the DishNXT HD set-top box to watch your favourite channels in HD. You can choose the channels you want to watch and create your own customized channel package. According to the new TRAI regulations, you pay for only the channels you subscribe with your DTH connection.

You can check out the annual DTH recharge plans to save more. Check out these top rated health documentaries and TV shows to watch this World Health Day:

Ask the Doctor 

Are you affected by the latest health fads while wondering if it impacts your health? Ask the Doctor is an informative series that features a trio of medical experts who answers the biggest questions on health and nutrition. Watch this series to get expert medical advice from practicing doctors while rejecting the popular health myths.

Forks Over Knives

This documentary is created to encourage viewers to adopt a plant-based diet. It focuses on research that reveals illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes can be prevented and improved by adopting a plant-based diet. It shows you how eliminating animal products from your daily diet can drastically improve your overall health.

Watch this show on HD with a HD DTH connection like DishNXT HD. You can look for DTH recharge plans for HD networks.

The Truth About Alcohol

This documentary sheds light on the UK alcohol-related laws that applies to both men and women. It is an informative documentary where you get to learn about the impact of drinking alcohol has on your body. It explains why alcoholism is not good for the body. Packed with bits and pieces of witty humour this documentary is a must watch for people struggling to quit drinking.


This amazing, eye-opening documentary by Michael Pollen showcases a journey to change the way people eat. It encourages us to cook with basic and simple ingredients. It highlights the importance of recipes that are carried down over the generations. It also reveals the unpleasant truth about fast food and junk food that has become a part of our daily lifestyle.

What the Health

Everyone must watch this documentary, irrespective of their eating habits. This show sheds a light on the dark side of animal and poultry farming. It also reveals the agenda of the Government to promote preserved food items that have a potential for causing life-threatening diseases. If you are struggling with your health and diet, watch this documentary on Netflix.


This documentary speaks about cruelty against animals. It sheds light on the treatment of animals that are raised for meat. It focuses on the adverse effects of consuming a diet high in animal proteins and fat. This eye-opening documentary encourages us to adapt to a plant-based diet.

These TV shows and documentaries will help you to understand the various key factors responsible for good health.

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