6 Active Service Packs to Subscribe on Dish TV DTH for Family Entertainment

When it comes to good entertainment, you want the best! Why settle with channels when you get more out of your entertainment experience with Dish TV Active Services? From dancing to catchy musical numbers, or listening to peaceful devotionals, to playing games with your family, and much more that you can do on a new Dish TV DTH connection.

Dish TV offers fifteen Active Services that you can subscribe to at any time. Looking for the best Active Services for your family entertainment? Here are the best Dish TV Active Service Packs to choose from:

1. All in One Active Pack- One for Everyone – Dish TV DTH

With the All in One Active Pack, you get exclusive access to all fifteen active services on Dish TV connection. This pack starts at Rs. 5.6/- day with a plethora of movies, music, lifestyle, and much more. Give a missed call to 18003157652 from your registered mobile number to get more details.

2. Entertainment Dhamaka- Dish TV DTH

Listen to the trending music, watch blockbuster movies, and laugh at comedy TV shows with an Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service pack on Dish TV DTH connection. It consists of five active services:

Evergreen Classics Active, Movies Active, Comedy Active, Music Active, and Music Masala Active. Subscribe to the music, laughter, and movie carnival with Entertainment Dhamaka Active Service at Rs. 2.8/- per day on Dish TV connection.

3. Kids Active – Dish TV DTH

Keep your kids entertained at home with the Kids Active Service pack on Dish TV. Watch Kids Toon Active suitable for 6-12 years old and Kids Active rhymes for 2-6 years old. Subscribe today at Rs. 1.3/- per day.

4. Topper Active Service – Dish TV DTH

Empower your child to reach the top with Topper Active Service on the Dish TV network. Subscribe to the pack at Rs. 2/- per day. Let your children be exam-ready with Topper. Lessons for classes I-XII. Prepare for competitive exams like IIT, NEET, JEE, and more. Learn from the best faculty from IVY League Alumni & IIT. Topper Active Service is also available in Hindi for classes 6th to 8th.

5. Cooking Active Service – Dish TV DTH

Upgrade your cooking skills today with Cooking Active Service on Dish TV. Subscribe today at Rs. 1.3/- per day on Dish TV network to enjoy ad-free services. Learn to cook and bake like a pro with celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani and others. For busy weekdays, learn quick and easy recipes that you can prepare within 30 minutes.

6. Fitness Active Service – Dish TV DTH

Achieve your new year fitness goals with Fitness Active Service on Dish TV network. Subscribe today starting at Rs. 1/- for the first 7 days. Get fit like Bollywood celebrities with custom workout regimes, diet tips, celebrity fitness tips, and much more. Get health and nutrition tips from nutrition experts in the country.

These are the best Active Services Pack that you can subscribe to today on your Dish TV connection. Suitable for family entertainment, these channels are a must-have along with your regular channel packages.

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