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5 Virtual Celebration Ideas for Remote Workers This Holiday Season

Virtual Celebrations amidst Pandemic

Now that the holiday season is officially approaching, things would have been different if we all would have been working out of our offices. Since most offices at commercial place for rent in Noida and elsewhere are closed due to the pandemic and employees are working from home, we are sure everyone is looking for virtual celebration ideas for the holiday season.

There are many ways to share the holiday cheer with the remote employees and here we’re listing some of them to help you get started on spreading the joy all around. Whether your office is based at Noida special economic zone, Gurugram, or any remote part of the country; you’d love these remote holiday celebration ideas. Read till the end:

1. Share Holiday Media

Think about it – what do your employees miss the most; Holiday pictures, decorated Christmas tree, all decked up office, cake, Santa gifts, and hats. Well, you can have it all while working remotely. You can have a shared drop box location where each one of the employees can share the pictures of their holidays. This will help them stay connected and not miss much of the fun during holidays.

2. Send a Gift Package

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Whether it’s a small care package of a surprise gift with goodies or a simple signed holiday card; it is fun to receive and open gifts during holidays. This will make them not miss out on all the holidays gifting spree and the fun times with it.

3. Organize Friendly Contests

It’s easy to get in the holiday groove with a small healthy contest over video call. Ask your team members to come up with the best and whackiest ideas on the contests like the best-dressed pet, ugliest Christmas sweater, or the best decorated Christmas tree.

This will sure be a fun activity to enjoy with all team mates and let them have the most of holiday celebrations; all over a virtual platform.

4. Felicitate End-of-the-Year Awards

We all love a little acknowledgement and appreciation of work, don’t we? Well, acknowledging and awarding your team’s hard work is one of the best ways for some end-of-the-year fun and also lay down the foundation of a great beginning in the coming year.

You can get creative and come up with the best names for appreciation of your employee’s hard work, giving virtual awards, token of appreciations, or simply a certificate with an employee of the year tag. Talk about your tea’s biggest achievements and accomplishments during the year and laud the ones behind them. A little appreciation goes a long way and keeps the workforce happy and motivated.

5. Treat Your Remote Employees with a Monetary Reward

You can never go wrong with this – send your employees and team mates a gift check or a cash card that they can use to buy something online or offline. This is one of the best ways for virtual celebration ideas for remote workers. Nothing better than a monetary reward or gift makes a difference as everyone can use it to their own sweet will.

We hope these small yet helpful virtual celebration ideas for Christmas will help you immensely while planning for a remote get together with your team.

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