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5 Valuable Tips on Achieving Smooth Work-life Balance During Holidays

How to Max the Productivity in Holidays

Holidays are definitely the most wonderful time of the year. The vibe is amazing and the holiday cheer can be sensed from a distance. While many of us choose to be around our family and loved ones during this time, holidays also bring in a certain sense of anxiety in the office. Who’s going to be on holiday and who’ll be taking care of the work around are the only questions everybody seems asking at corporate offices in Gurgaon and everywhere else.

To avoid the anxiety building up, it’s always best to plan ahead for the optimal work-life balance during holidays to make the most of it while staying productive. Ensuring no important task is left out and everyone gets their fair share of work and holiday chill should be the main motto of this plan.

Nobody would want an email from client on Christmas or Hanukkah as it’s a major buzzkill. There are some secret tips you can apply to have a smooth work-life balance during holidays. Read on to know what the experts have to say:

Work from Home Instead of Taking a Vacation

If the things are murky at your office and you’re not able to get a long vacation break, you might have to cancel your plans of going home for Christmas. Also, if you look at the larger picture, it does make sense because schools closing for winter break and an influx of tourists on the roads make the commute even longer and tiresome. This helps cut down the travelling time too from office space for lease in Gurgaon sector 21 or the entire NCR region.

The best way to combat that is to opt for working from home instead of taking a vacation. Put on your reindeer jammies, grab a cup of cider, and be on that conference call to spread the holiday vibes. Plus, if you suggest working from home, your manager would be more than appreciative of this gesture and it would get you some brownie points too for sure.

Hit a Nearby Café to Get Max Work done

If you’re sharing the accommodation with your friends or live with your family, it’s practically impossible to get work dome when everyone is singing Christmas carols in your vicinity. The best way to combat that is to hit a nearby café or a park to get maximum of 3-5 hours of work done.

This will keep you from all sorts of distractions and will help you maximize the productivity. After all, working from home only means remotely in an environment where you feel you can be productive without any hinderances.

Hit the Gym

Exercise reduces the stress levels and definitely gives an adrenaline rush. Working out pumps adrenaline, cortisol, and endorphins and keeps you motivated and happy. If you’re at all planning to stay at home during the holidays and working remotely, make sure you’re hitting gym at least once a week.

Exercise also acts as a natural painkiller and a mood elevator which is exactly one needs to sail through the holiday season.

Order Gifts Online to Save Time

Whilst the holiday season, it may seem surprising that how many of us feel obligated to go and hit the stores to do the Christmas gifts shopping for or family and loved ones. Not going to the store to buy gifts is something you shouldn’t feel pressured about. Rather, save your productive time by ordering X-mas gifts online.

Spare your last good nerve and keep it for finishing those important project deadlines to keep your sanity intact. Moreover, who’d want to circle the overly-crowded aisles of departmental stores just to buy stuff that you can easily buy online and get some cool offers too. Rather, put in longer hours before the holidays to complete the projects and have a buffer on the holidays to make sure your work doesn’t suffer.

Speak with Your Manager to Prioritize Tasks

Put in some time with your manager before the holiday season to hammer out a year end strategy. Make a list of all the tasks to be done and the deadlines to meet. The best way to do that is to assign P1, P2 & P3 priority levels to each task and accomplish them accordingly. This will help you have a clear picture of the tasks that have to be done before the holidays, during the holidays, and the tasks that can wait till the vacations are over.

Also, apart from the above, learn to say ‘No’. This doesn’t mean it’s rude or arrogant but it only makes sure you fill your cup with what you can manage to drink during the holidays. Don’t be afraid to delegate and align work within the team and verticals to make sure that you end up achieving a smooth work-life balance during the holidays.

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