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5 Proven Morning Routine Hacks to Fuel Productivity at Workplace

Developing that perfect morning routine that combines the best of both worlds, maximizing your productivity and lifestyle, is an uphill task. However, achieving that isn’t difficult and requires a couple of trial and error methods. One size doesn’t fit all and you’ve to know your days and routine really well to finally come up with a customized routine that suits you best.

For instance, if you need a steaming cup of coffee everyday to even get started to the washroom, it’s better you prep your coffee machine night before to not waste any time in morning. Here are some really effective morning hacks that will help you churn out a perfect morning routine to have the best productive day at work:

  1. Be an Early Riser

When it comes to having the perfect morning routine that maximizes productivity, stick to the clichés that have benefitted everyone – be an early riser. We understand now that you are working from home and doesn’t have to go to work at commercial office space for lease in sector 48 Gurgaon or elsewhere but waking up early means having a lot of time at hand to plan the day ahead.

You can always start the day with some exercise, meditation, yoga, warm water, and replying to the mails and messages afterwards. This keeps the mind in perspective and gives enough time before getting down on the business. This is a great day to jump on to the day before getting worn out by the responsibilities.

  1. Plan an Evening Before

You can never call it a day before you’ve enlisted at least three things you’ve to get done the coming day. This is one of the most effective ways to be sorted about the next day as well and have a good night’s sleep. Make sure you write those tasks down even before you step out of your virtual office and talk to anyone else in the family.

Doing so makes sure that while you’re still that frame of mind, you’re planning ahead too. These could be a list of important as well as random things like follow-up call with team, calling your son, taking out dog to the Vet, and so on.

  1. Eat a Frog in Morning

Eating a live frog first thing the morning will make sure that you’ve already conquered the worst task of the day and nothing more can deter you in the day ahead. Live frog here means the most difficult task out of your to-do list. Doing the most complicated or dreaded activity first will make sure that you’re left with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment. This only instils a positive energy inside and keeps you thriving for the rest of the day while keeping you super productive.

  1. Keep Your Phone Out of Sight

Cell phones, texting and social media indulgence are one of the most potent productivity killers at work and otherwise. Constantly checking your smartphones and notifications can seriously hamper your productivity and slow down your ability to focus on things.

The best way to counter that is to keep your cell phone away from the sight and reach out to it only during breaks. Make sure you keep your close ones informed of your schedule and encourage them to call you on specific times. Keep your phone in drawer and limit your access. You can even consider switching it off completely and turning on only during breaks.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep & Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Those late-night binge sessions of Netflix can take a serious toll on your day ahead making you feel grumpy through the day. The idea here is to avoid getting tempted into watching TV at night and hit the bed early to have an early start to the day. Shower before you hit the bed and keep all distractions at bay. Set up multiple alarms if you feel troubled waking up.

Always make sure you eat a king-sized breakfast to have a bouncy start to the day. Your ideal breakfast should have nuts, porridge, milk or juice, eggs, toasted bread, and cut fruits of your choice.

These morning hacks will make sure your productivity is spruced up before going to work at Candor Techspace Gurgaon Sector 48 and you’re on top of your game every day.

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