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5 Crucial Reasons Why Employee Wellness Programs at Work are a Must

Increasing Rage of Employee Health & Wellness Programs

We are living in an aware world where more and more people are conscious about what they eat, how frequently they exercise, and the age-related sicknesses they’re likely to have. It’s no wonder that this conscious mindset of people has made its way onto work as well.

Most multinational companies and big corporates based out of commercial office spaces in Gurgaon or Noida have adopted and integrated employee health and wellness programs as an integral part of their employee offerings.

But employee health and wellness programs aren’t just beneficial for the employees but also for the organization at large. Let’s look at the reasons why such programs are a must for every organization:

Employee Health & Wellness Program Benefits for Employers

Happier Employees

It’s a no brainer to crack that working out helps release the hormone endorphin that is also called a happy hormone. When employees end up exercising at their workplace, it makes them happier and return back to work rejuvenated and ecstatic.A little walk after lunch, a brief cardio session, a game of table tennis, any indoor/outdoor sport or a gym session at office is very beneficial for both employees and employer. This helps employers having happier, creative, productive, and less grumpier employees at work who end up putting their best at work.
Healthier Employees

Employee health and wellness programs at work ensure that every small or big health issue of an employee is taken care of. Early detection and timely prevention are the biggest catalysts when it comes to having a healthy and contented workforce.

Employees while working out become more conscious of what they eat and develop healthy lifestyle habits which benefits immensely in the long haul.

Reduced Absenteeism

When employees feel happier and motivated at work, their chances of calling in sick are reduced to minimum. Happy employees are more productive and very less prone to falling sick. This, in the long haul, reduces the employee absenteeism rate and benefits the employer in having the maximum planned man hours.

Increased Employee Engagement

This is yet another beautiful way of having maximum employee engagement at work. You don’t need to have elaborate health and wellness programs to be labelled as an ‘employee aware corporate’; starting with just a few indoor/outdoor games, preventive health checks, workplace gymnasium, and more such avenues are great.

This makes sure a large number of employees gather at one place every day and interact for work, socially, networking, and more. This also goes on to promoting increased social interaction amongst employees ate work.

Increased Employee Retention

When employees feel cared for at the workplace, they’re more likely to be loyal to the employer and stick to them for longer. Striving in a time when employees switch jobs at the drop of a hat, it becomes important for the employers to adopt health and wellness programs at work to keep their employees from leaving. In a long haul, this plays a crucial part in increasing employee retention rate and having low employee turnover ratio.

When it comes to employee health and wellness programs at work, there are endless possibilities like indoor/outdoor sports, gymnasium, recreational facilities, and much more. Make sure you look out for an all-equipped office for rent in Gurgaon like Candor TechSpace that provisions the installation of such amenities and programs.

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