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5 Cooking Web Series & TV Shows to Watch This Festive Season

It is never too late to practice a new skill, whether it be cooking, painting, playing a certain instrument, etc. If you are planning to have a small gathering this festive season, why not learn the basics of cooking and baking?

When you learn from the best home cooks and chefs, you will be cooking up delicious dishes in no time! For the best cooking web series, download the Watcho app. Along with cooking web series, you can also watch web series across genres like romance, thriller, drama, horror, etc. You can also browse Dish TV d2h recharge plan for a quick recharge via the in-app recharge feature on Watcho. Looking for some cooking web series and TV shows to prepare for the festive season cooking? Check out these shows:

Look I can Cook Ripu Daman Handa – Ripu Daman

Watch Ripu Daman cook Masterchef-like dishes on the Watcho app. You can cook along by prepping the ingredients while watching these fifteen cooking episodes. Learn easy recipes like chicken coconut curry, mushroom cheese toast, lemon rice, on this cooking web series. You can also check out Look I can Cook with Shipra Khanna, another top-rated original cooking web series on the Watcho app. For an instant Dish TV d2h recharge plan, check out the in-app recharge section on the Watcho app.

Barefoot Contessa – Ina Garten

Watch and learn festive cooking, baking, and get personal entertaining tips with Ina Garten. Along with cooking delicious and hearty meals, get entertaining tips for any party or gathering. Learn to cook recipes perfect for any festive gathering like roast chicken, baked pasta with eggplant, and tomatoes, chicken thighs in creamy mustard sauce, and Moroccan lamb tajine. If you are new to baking, you will learn to bake vanilla rum panna cotta with salted caramel, bourbon honey cake, pumpkin spice cupcakes with maple frosting, cranberry, and apple cake.

Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver

For busy homemakers, mothers, and working women, learn to cook a three-course meal on this new TV series by chef Jamie Oliver. You will learn to cook a three-course meal in 30 minutes or less. Every episode features an entree, main course, and a dessert perfect for serving at any festive gathering. The episodes feature recipes like potato dauphinoise, mushroom risotto, Asian-style salmon, Yorkshire pudding, etc. These recipes will help you create simple yet delicious meals on busy weeknights. Watch and learn cooking with chef Jamie Oliver on the Chanel 4.

Nigella’s Kitchen – Nigella Lawson

If you like the queen of home cooking Nigella Lawson, you will enjoy watching these episodes right from Nigella’s kitchen in London. Get to cook along with Nigella’s moreish food with pantry ingredients. You can also check out some popular cooking TV series hosted by Nigella like Simply Nigella, Nigella Express, and Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen. If you are planning to host any holiday feasts, you will get to learn recipes like a star mince pie, chili jam, maple roast parsnips, chocolate fruit cake, squash & sweet potato soup, etc.

Jamie’s Italy – Jamie Oliver

If you like the natural beauty of Italy and enjoy Italian delicacies, this is the cooking show to watch. Jamie Oliver accompanied by mentor and chef Genero Contaldo travels across Italy for authentic Italian delicacies. Watch them travel across Naples, Sicily, Rome, the Aeolian Islands, and Basilicata. Learn to make pasta with the nonnas and fresh seafood made right at the shores. Learn the perfect Neapolitan pizza on a wood-fired oven and indulge in chocolate & cherry cannoli.

When you start watching these cooking web series and TV shows, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish by just observing and practicing a skill.

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