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5 Clever Office Design Hacks to Maximize Productivity at Work

Where you work, whether it’s a small home-office in Mumbai or a big commercial property in Noida, has a direct impact on how you work and your overall productivity quotient. The design of your office plays a crucial role in determining your ability to focus and work.

Studies have stressed that a well-designed office can increase an employee’s productivity by up to 20% and promote focus. Here are some clever workplace design hacks to accelerate the employee productivity at work and improve the physical surroundings:

Lighting and Aesthetics

Lighting is one of the most imperative, yet unheeded factor, in staying focused and alert at work. Brightly lit offices with adequate sunlight inspire and urge employees to think creative and stay inspired. Dark places and poorly-lit offices can cause fatigue, headaches, strain on eyes, and overall irritability leading to depression.

Ergonomic Table & Chair

It’s extremely important that your throne fits your posture perfectly to avoid tossing, moving, and adjusting in your chair the entire day. Since we spend most of our day leading a sedentary work routine, a set of ergonomic chair and table are crucial.

  • Keep the computer screen at 24-36 inches from the eye level
  • Feet should be elevated on a foot rest
  • Maintain better spine posture on a reclined chair to avoid lower back pain

Temperature & Scent

Warmer rooms are known to be more comfortable for the inmates urging them to be productive. Keep dedicated temperature control sliders for different segments of the office to make the employees adjust the temperature to their comfort. Keep a warmer or heater handy to beat the chill.

Smell affects the mood and mindset of the employees to a big extent. Popular scents used in office are pine to increase alertness, lavender to reduce stress, citrus to lift spirits, cinnamon to improve focus, and peppermint to elevate mood.

Mixed Workspace

Try and offer your employees more than one workspace to make them feel productive. If a person keeps moving to different workstations, meeting room, phone booth, open space, and more; his ability to focus increases sensing new things and qualities in each of the setting. Lounges, pantry areas, conference rooms, and break out rooms must be utilized to the ‘T’ when not occupied for the defined purpose.

Gel with the Nature

Man, being a biological creature himself, is deeply attached to nature and everything with the natural world. Embedding a part of the nature in the office design deeply affects physiological and psychological functioning.

Add a plant to your desk, keep indoor plants in the office wherever feasible, add a fresh water fountain, and keep the windows free of blinds in the daytime allowing ample sunlight and fresh air to kick in. Research has shown that live plants in the office keeps employees happier, contented, and more productive.

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