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5 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Around Your TV Area

A television with a DTH connection and cool dish TV plans is a staple you would find in every Indian household living room. As much as this is a common sight, many of us go absolutely clueless thinking of designing and decorating the area around your TV wall. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and thinking to come up with TV area design and décor ideas to make sure that the TV and the supported accessories just blend in and don’t look out of the place.

While you might think of spending a lot of time on Pinterest and taking out the bookmarked design ideas that go with ‘one size fits all’ theory but each home is different and so are their design ideas. You wouldn’t want the TV wall décor frames and everything else to stick out like a sore thumb. I’m sharing my insights and different concepts to decorate the area around your TV that you can take inspiration from and can pick for what style is right for your home.

Keep your TV unplugged and unmounted with your DTH connection having dish TV plans to make sure that you start from the absolute basics. Here are the TV area design and décor ideas from my home to your home:

  1. Keep it Symmetrical & Clean

The first and the most basic TV area design tip is to keep it asymmetrical and clean. While you might get tempted to try on a lot of frames, art works, and picture collages but trust me, the more you dump everything on the TV wall, the least attention your TV set is going to get.

The idea here is to go ahead with a bunch of stacked frames and choose art works with subtle and calm botanical prints. It’s because they don’t shout out loud that your TV wall will get the required attention and will look muted at the same time too. Then, you can try and hold your TV, set top box with dish TV plans against the wall to have an idea about how it’s going to look later.

  1. Go with the Lamps & Lightings

Try accessorizing your TV area with cool, swanky lamps but in muted shades. If your TV console is wide, lamps are the best design bet as they are the best option to lend a sense of balance and style to the entire space. If you have a wall mounted TV set up with mounted set top box (loaded with best dish TV plans), you also go for a large storage cabinet beneath to keep some accent pieces on top and storing your belongings inside.

  1. Frame Your TV

This is one of the prettiest, tasteful, and cheapest ways to decorate your TV area and wall. Get a frame around your TV to lend it a different charm and character to the TV area. Whether you go for a vintage-style frame or a contemporary one, make sure it gels well with your basic home décor.

  1. Adorn It with a Statement Clock

Amidst the busy art works, frames, and lightings; it’s nice to sort of break the monotony by putting in a round statement clock to balance out the whole equation. Not just a change in shape looks exciting but also adds character to the TV area. Try and place your TV, DTH connection, and dish TV plans console against the wall to see how it looks finally.

  1. Built-in Cabinet

Built-in cabinets are my absolute favourites, and rightly so for numerous reasons. They are great for storing away a couple of accessories and other stuff, they offer open shelves for displaying accent pieces, and you can go with either framing or hiding the TV.

I know it’s not that easy to come up with inspirations and ideas when it comes to decorating your TV area and the wall but I’m sure the above design and décor ideas will come in handy the next time you’ll sit down to adorn your favourite space in home.

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