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4 Reasons Behind the Ever-Growing Popularity of Video Campaigns

It goes without saying that video has become the preferred medium of corporate communication in recent times. Not just corporate communication, but campaigns are also being driven by videos. Viewers and audiences are looking at video as a means to convey the message in a way that’s both fun-filled and engaging.

Digital marketing agencies in Delhi/NCR, and in other parts of the world as well are looking at video as the best means to put the message across to the target audience. It is important to note that video has a greater chance of attracting attention than any written piece of information, such as an article or an editorial.

Here is why video has gained prominence in the world of digital marketing and advertising in recent times:

Shorter is Sweeter

Yes, short video campaigns happen to be immensely helpful in terms of the impact that they generate. Also, shorter videos are easier to circulate and can be watched by just about everybody. Also, all short format videos can be played as part of a mobile-oriented campaigning strategy as video is a medium best suited for mobile.

Mobile-First Campaigns Call for Videos

As stated earlier, mobile-oriented video campaigns are the best bet for all those who deal in short video ads and campaigns. The thing is: these video ads and campaigns can be used as a means to attract attention while watching a movie on smartphones. Take this for an example: you are watching a movie and an advertising campaign pops up out of nowhere. The viewers will have to watch it all in case there isn’t an option to skip it. In this way, videos are way better than written content when it comes to digital marketing and advertising.

OTT Advertising Model Rests on Videos

2021 is expected to be the year of OTT platforms, thanks in part to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, specialised ad campaigns (video oriented) are being developed by marketers. It is suitable to place them in the middle of a streaming session in order to attract the viewers’ attention. OTT advertising rests on video campaign because OTT rests on nothing but video content. Korra Worldwide advertising is the go to agency for digital marketing and advertising if videos are to be developed and created.

Everybody’s Go-to Medium

It goes without saying (pretty much). Video is the preferred means of advertising because people are attracted towards videos quite easily. Also, videos are not just informative but entertaining as well, which means they can be watched by viewers across all major age groups. Be it children or young adults, everybody wants to watch videos. That is why marketers and advertisers are betting heavily on video ads and campaigns.

Korra Worldwide Advertising is one of the best digital marketing agencies in NCR and is known for its focus on customer service and quality. All of the campaigns developed by the company are formulated by the trained professionals, all of whom have

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