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4 Hatke Hindi Movies That Will Leave You Surprised

Bollywood is known to produce some top-quality Hindi movies. Most of the films produced cut across various genres and are known to bring a wide range of burning issues to light.  If you are fond of Bollywood, then you must have watched a wide range of films.

Also, it goes pretty much without saying that not all films made in Bollywood end up becoming superhits.  There are many examples of movies getting lukewarm response at the Indian box office. Many of these movies do not contain the ‘masala’ factor, which means you won’t get to see hot-shot action sequences if and when you plan to watch them. However, many of these Hindi movies deserve a watch because of their gripping storylines and exceptional camerawork.

Here are a few Hindi movies that you can watch if you are tired of watching ‘masala’ action movies and wish to try something different:


Directed by Nitin Kakkar, the film takes you closer to the breathtaking beauty of the Wular lake. The film is noted for showcasing some splendid scenic beauty. If you wish to witness the beauty of Kashmir in its purest form, then you should definitely give this film a try. Also, you will love this film for its thoughtful depiction of the ever-so-serious issue pertaining to the growing incidents of terrorism in the state. If you wish to understand the role of education, then this Bollywood flick happens to be a must watch.


Aiyaary deals with the rampant corruption in the Indian army. If you   love watching action-packed thrillers wherein army officers go rogue, then this movie is the perfect pick for you.  Siddharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee land solid punches with their respective performances.  Also, you need to watch this film for its delicate handling of the Adarsh housing scam. If you want to watch an action-packed espionage thriller, then do try it out. The film is not all that popular but makes for a decent one-time watch.


This one is a historical film that will spark the flames of desire in you if you are fond of watching films related to mythology and emons. The film is an exceptional take on the greed pravelent in the minds 0of people. Furthermore, the film takes you closer to the legend of Hastar. Try this film out and you will absolutely love it for its tight storytelling and Soham Shah’s excellent performance in front of the camera. The sets and the props are also quite top-notch. Made on a shoe-string budget of 5 crore, the makers have made good use of the limited resources they had at their disposal.


Andhadhun is not like your regular suspense thrillers as it contains countless thrills and spills and it won’t let you get off your seat while you’re watching it. Ayushmann Khurrana gives a splendid performance and so does Tabu. The film is noted for its depiction of people with visual disabilities.  The film is also quite popular for the countless twists and turns it has in store for its viewers.

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