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4 Easy Ways to Start an Emotional Recovery from the Pandemic

We all want to get back to normal as soon as possible but there’s a lot of chatter around this dreaded subject. Some of us have been infected by the virus, some lost their loved ones, and the rest of us are just reeling under the enormous amount of stress this pandemic has brought in our lives.

While most offices for rent in Gurgaon are closed as per the higher orders, we all are anxious to know what’s going to happen next – will it be remote working for a while, a hybrid or in office? We all are exhausted from this trying time taking care of our families and loved ones and also toiling away days at working remotely. It’s been a long emotional journey while trying to make this work and we deserve to just sit back and recover gradually.
Here are some tips to contemplate for your emotional recovery from the pandemic:

1.Know What You Need & Accept It
Even before ethe pandemic and remote working hit us, most of us were dealing with random episodes of depression and anxiety. Not just pandemic made the things amplify but also made some of us hit the wall and just deeply sad. Since all offices for lease in Gurgaon are closed and there’s no real physical connect between the workers, it gets all the more difficult for everyone to seek support.
Even if we go out there and put all our feelings on the social media for others to see, that’s sadly not going to help us in any way. Other than resorting to alcohol or any other substance abuse, take a note of your mental health and be open about it. There’s no shame in accepting what you’re going through and needing help to overcome that.

2.Foster an Outlet for Self-Revelation
People function in different ways – some can get open about their feelings and what’s bothering them, while the others go silent. However, many mental health experts believe that opening up your emotions, concerns, and stressors is the first and most concrete step in building your emotional resilience.
Opening up a dialog may make people to be acceptive of their feelings and stressors and easily get to the root cause of the concern to find a solution. Besides, suffering ion silence only makes matters worse.

3.Build a Daily Routine That Liberates You
Building a favourable routine is one of the best ways to recover emotionally as you get set in your fixed comfort and can always rely on it for the healing. Observe your day and notice what your stressors are. Do multiple activities of your choice in a day to see which one relives and liberates you emotionally.
Resorting to simple tasks like cooking, watching TV, walking, gardening, playing with kids, pets, and more such chores are believed to bring pleasure and release stress and anxiety.

4.Have Some “Me-Time”
Listen to your inner self and know what you need – a week outside the town, a staycation, a family or friends get together or more. Ask your family and friends to accompany you on a trip or go solo. If you’re not an outgoing person, figure out what you need and get on that; by all means, make yourself a priority.
Get that much needed rest to reflect on what has been happening in your life in quite some time. Make sure you block all those days on calendar to let everyone concerned know that you’re healing yourself.

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