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10 Best Indian Web Series to Tune in Watcho Originals

The ideal way to enjoy a laid-back weekend is by relaxing and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. If you are in quarantine or self-isolation, it can sometimes get lonely during the lockdowns. One way to escape that monotony is by watching some great web series or movies.

You can download the Watcho app to watch the best Indian web series in Hindi and other regional languages. You can watch web-series across various genres like thriller, horror, drama, romance, and comedy. Here are some of the original web series to watch on the Wtacho app:

Yeh Yaariyan

Livestream this best Indian web series that showcases three bored married friends who explore unconventional ways to escape the monotony of everyday life.


The seven episodes showcase the story of Junaid; a militant. The lead character in this web series surrenders to the Indian army forces under uncanny circumstances.


Watch this crime thriller series directed showcases how an Indian agency traces the wildlife rhino horn poachers. Discover how wildlife poaching is a lucrative business in India, which puts the animals at risk.


This political thriller web series is set in Bihar’s Gardani Bagh, showcases the story of a girl named Titli. She runs a dance school and aspires to live out her dreams and missions in life.


Another hilarious comedy series to live stream on the Watcho app unravels the characters who are stuck in a bungalow in an unfortunate way.

Masala Family

One of the best Indian web series in the comedy category, which showcases a family on a fake vacation. They pretend to go on a vacation only to come back and spend some quality time at home.

Virgin At 27

This adult comedy web show tells the story of a boy who chooses to stay a virgin until his marriage. Watch the conversations with his wife on his marriage night.

Jail Plan

Discover India’s first women prison break story which is premiering on the Watcho app. Watch the cunning escape orchestrated by the two women in a unique woman correctional jail in India. This correctional jail is equipped with modern amenities and treats its inmates with dignity.

Love Crisis

Tune into the best Indian web series that showcases the weak relationship between Nina and Armaan. When a club entertainer, Nimisha entices Armaan, their relationship gets to a challenging state. This incident provokes Nina to execute vengeance on Armaan for breaking her trust. Watch the truth about the consequences of adultery in any relationship or marriage.

Mystery Dad

Watch this brand new web series streaming on Watcho originals, which showcases how a confident woman goes on to find the potential father of her  unborn child. After partaking in a drunken party, she finds herself to be pregnant but couldn’t remember the potential father. Watch how she goes about trying to find the father of the child accompanied by her sister.

You can download the Watcho app today and start binge-watching these regional web series on your smart device this weekend.

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