What are the different kinds of love?

In the recent times, we have focused our attention on romantic love and this may be this is the reason why we are refraining ourselves from exploring many types of love.

Love has been broadly divided into 7 types. These classifications are based on classes mainly of Aristotle and Plato. You will be exploring the variety of love and hope you can relate your situation to one of the other kind.

There are many types of love that are more long lasting and healing in the long run.

Eros- Eros is the sexual and passionate kind of love and this is given reference as love in modern times. In Greek mythology, a Cupid breaches a arrow in our heart and we fall in love madly. This is what happened in the Trojan war story where Helen and Paris fell in love and this lead to the war and the downfall of Troy. This is the type that almost everyone relates to and this is the most prevalent one in modern times.

· Philia- This kind of love has the strongest base and is termed as friendship. It depends on compatibility, understanding and goodwill and is a broader context as compared to Eros. Aristotle believed that there can be Philia for either of the 3 reasons- the person is useful; the person is pleasant and above all the person is good. For Plato, the best of friendship is the one that is shared by lovers.

· Storge- This kind of love is born out of familiarity, the love that exists between parents and their children. It differs from Philia in the sense that it is basically centred towards younger children. It is born because of familiarity and dependency, unlike Philia and Eros. Initially the love starts will Eros mainly and may take the form of storge after some time.

· Agape– It is the kind where a person has love for everything, like love for strangers, for God, for nature, for animals, etc. People with this tendency desire for the welfare of everyone and everything. You can term these people as modern day “altruists”. These people support altruism. This kind has lot of advantages like mental peace, stability of thoughts, etc.

· Ludus- It is a kind of uncommitted love. Its main focus is on having fun and there is no emotional attachment. It involves playing, teasing, flirting, etc. It can have a really long run if both the people are self sufficient. Problems may arise if a person mistakes Ludus for Eros.

· Pragma- This kind of love is pragmatic (practical) and has more focus on long term benefits. Sexual attraction takes a back seat. Both the partners keep striving towards their goals with supporting each other in common interests.

· Philautia- Philautia is self-love or something that we generally term as ‘narcissism’. It can lead to pros and cons as well. Pros can be high self esteem, high self worth but there can be cons like overconfidence and thinking of oneself as the supreme being.

Love of different kinds emerge with the different demands of people. These serve the needs of a person. A person who needs physical interest will seek for Eros, one who needs friendship would look for Philia and so on, so forth. 

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