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Why Watch ‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’ on Watcho This Weekend?

The Watcho app is loaded with several interesting web series in Hindi (and in various other Indian languages). The average Indian viewer will have a lot of exciting stuff to watch on his/her smartphone screen if he has the Watcho app by his side during his free time. Download Watcho and tune into the best Indian web series online from the comfort of your home.

Of late, a show named ‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’ seems to have become the talk of the town. The show is packed with comedy, errors, excitement and confusion. Watch the first season of this Watcho original and provide yourself with a little breather during the weekend. This show is a must-watch for all fans of the romantic-comedy web shows.

Here is why the viewers need to tune into the first season of ‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’ on Watcho:

The Show Deals With the Complicated Side of Getting Married:

The show is about the complicated side of getting married. In India, marriages happen to be a million-dollar affair. All those who have got married in recent times will be well aware of the fact that marriages in India are quite complicated. ‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’ showcases all of these complexities whilst keeping the tone light and funny. This Watcho original is the right pick for you if you want to watch something fun-filled and dramatic over the course of the Viewers of all ages can weekend.

It’s a Light-Hearted Romantic-Drama Show

This drama show is full of romance and confusion. What happens when a boy and girl are married out of confusion? Chaos makes inroads into the scheme of things and every single thing turns upside-down. This show is all about an average Indian family’s obsession with marriage. There are several interesting (and dramatic) sub-plots that the viewers will get to watch and enjoy once they tune into the first season of ‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’. Just download Watcho and start watching this romantic-drama show with your family and friends.

The Entire Family Will Enjoy Watching it

‘Bauchaar-e-Ishq’ is the perfect show to watch for the entire family. All members of the family will be able to relate to this show without much effort. Also, there are several dramatic sub-plots and revelations that the viewers will get to watch once they tune into this romantic-drama show. Plus, all those who wish to watch an accidental love story set in Uttar Pradesh should add this Watcho original to their watch list without wasting anymore time.

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The Watcho app is known for all the interesting pieces of video content that it contains for the viewers to tune into on their smartphones. There are several Indian web series online, short films, original plays, original music videos, etc. that the viewers can watch with ease if they have access to this OTT platform. Download the app right now to enjoy a great time at home.

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